Surprises are good

Well, my plans for surprising MrsL today went awry. I came home to find 26 was at home even though he was supposed to go help her all day. He had a couple of days off and needed to do laundry. He also cut the grass…thus why he was at home. Some day he will learn sunscreen is your friend. He is as red as the crab I had in Baltimore last night. 

Within minutes of walking in at 10:15 am and finding him still lying uncomfortably in bed my phone was buzzing with a text…”are you home?” No need to try to maintain my subterfuge at this point. Oh well, I did score a few points for the effort. 

As for 26, I could sense a bit of tension so we’ve had a great talk and as we promised to do are going to help with the stressors: mounting medical bills from his one relapse. He had been clean and sober since. He reached back out to his support network, and is actively pursuing full time work. We all three just talked and he is much more relaxed. 

There are also still some lingering issues with the former (well she keeps telling everyone they are together) girlfriend. He had never been on this side of a break up…the one breaking up. It is causing him a great deal of tension as well. Our advice, and he asked, was talk to his support network and have one final sit down face-to-face conversation with her and truly cut ties for awhile. It will hurt but the stress will go away. I can’t do it for him. 

MrsL has indicated tomorrow night we will have a play night!! I can’t wait! Until then…!

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