The Roller Coasters of Daily Life

I finally made it to the airport.  Sitting comfortably in the Admiral’s Club before my flight after the cray hectic morning is a bit of solace.  Having been at home 2 weeks was starting to give me cabin fever….yes…even though I was able to sleep beside MrsL every night.  Roller Coaster!

The debut of the ball crusher was fabulous with one minor exception.  The performance issues.   When you see the pictures online, watch the videos of guys getting their balls crushed, see the Tumblr feeds with guys in various states of exquisite agony they all have raging erections from the experience.  There was the tingling feeling of the beginning of an erection when MrsL began tightening the screws.  There was even a partial erection when she was licking, nibbling, and sucking the exposed shaft.  However, a full on erection never happened.  Roller Coaster!

When we went to bed, early for both of us, and started foreplay the performance issues were on full display!  I had a partial erection and when she noticed it she rolled on top of me with the intent of burying herself on her cock.  No sooner had she got firmly seated, and the feeling was heaven, and started to slowly grind the erection dissipated like dandelion seeds on the wind.  Embarrassed. Frustrated. Infuriated.  Roller Coaster.

Then, today during the good ole hernia check for my physical my female doctor (yes my primary care doctor is a woman) commented on the noticeable ring around the base of my balls.  I had been in MrsL’s Steelheart for 9 straight days and the ring was still there.  We had a discussion about using cock rings for performance issues (I just wasn’t ready to go into the whole chastity thing) and she commented that repeated constriction could lead to permanent damage to the vascular system that created and supported erections.  She recommended I stop using them completely.  Roller Coaster!

So, I know I am opening myself up to all sorts of trouble on my blog but here goes:  Are there any studies on chastity and ED: the physical AND mental concerns?  Here’s why I ask.  This past week I was woken up at least twice every night with nocturnal erections trying to push the steel off my body.  During one of our more passionate play sessions, the Steelheart felt like a boa…getting tighter and tighter…I assume due to my body really trying to have an erection.

MrsL and I discussed it before I left and as of right now she wants me out of chastity for awhile.  I can’t say that I disagree.  If the performance issues go away this weekend after a week out I will have some; albeit anecdotal, evidence.  Roller Coaster!

I welcome your thoughts, commentary, and any links to good data on the topic.

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