Who Knew…

Yesterday was a brilliant day.  If you are dropping by looking for salacious details about a hot and erotic sexual encounter…well…you are going to be horribly disappointed today.

MrsL had a social event to attend starting at 11 a.m. and I had several errands to run.  I needed to go pick up some type of case for my new Surface Book.  Yes I went with the Surface because I fully intend to relaunch my photography business and needed the horsepower of a computer with a graphics card.  I love my decision.  I was looking at the iPad Pro so size wasn’t an issue…even though the Surface has one additional diagonal inch on the screen.

Anyway, I also needed to hit the post office to mail two care packages to a young man we met from 21’s college.  He was a senior 21’s first year and over the summer they both marched in a drum corps, DCA versus DCI.  For those who know what I’m talking about no explanation is needed.  If you are not familiar with drum corps a DCA corps is an “all age” corps where young kids can earn their stripes and aged out adults can continue their love of all things marching and music.  If you have never seen a drum corps or know their power, pageantry, and awesomeness check out this website.  (oops rambling again).  This young man took 21 under his wing and drove him to/from drum corps practice/performances all summer.  Fantastic young man and when he joined the Army after graduation I wasn’t surprised.  His unit recently deployed so knowing how much joy a few things from home can bring while in a combat zone I decided to send him some stuff.  Two boxes and $45 in shipping later his stuff is on the way:  batteries, sharpies, pens, paper, envelopes (even though they have internet), cookies, snack crackers, chap stick, a whole case of Cup O’Noodles soup, and so much more.  He should enjoy it!

When I got home, I found a package addressed to MrsL.  She is not one to go shopping for new “toys” but has indicated in the past that I buy things that I want…so…I gave her a list of toys I thought she might be interested in using.  I was surprised when she asked me to show her what they looked like online and then told me to place an order.  Who Knew!  She picked out two and they arrived.


She was very interested in the humbler and even more so with this little “deluxe” version complete with ankle restraints.  The other toy she picked out was the ball crusher.  I am not sure what I am getting myself in to…but it is exciting.  She has promised to keep perusing the list and having me order stuff.

MrsL recently joined the local Chamber of Commerce to help grow her business.  So, she has started getting the calendar of events and last Friday night we looked through and found what seemed like a fun event: a Mac N Cheese Cook Off Fundraiser.  So we decided to go.

After getting home from her morning social event she unlocked me long enough for a thorough cleaning and shave while I showered.  I was pleasantly surprised that she sat in the bathroom supervising me as I showered.  After securing her Steelheart and me getting dressed we were off to the fundraiser.  The money was being raised for the Future Fashion Designers in our hometown…little girls and one little boy who are already testing their chops designing outfits…not clothes…but outfits.  It was really a good time.  The Mac N Cheese was okay, the atmosphere was eclectic (the old train depot converted to an art gallery), and the people watching was stellar.  More on that in a later post.  The best part of the evening was watching MrsL work the room.  She truly has never met a person with whom she could not talk with and I love her for that trait.  It was fun seeing all of the women from the Chamber greet her.  It was sort of sexy seeing some of the better looking men of the Chamber greet her.  This could be promising….!

Afterwards, we were both hot and thirsty (the old train depot isn’t air conditioned and small…with lots of people…very hot).  We ran through Sonic and got large strawberry limeades, so good, and headed home.  We both collapsed on the love seat and sort of just vegged out.  About 10:30, MrsL got up and said “let’s go to bed…I’m exhausted.”  We headed off upstairs, undressed, and crawled in to bed.  She didn’t even have to say “sweet dreams” to impose the no sexual touching rule…we were both asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow.

Who Knew a bed can be for nothing but sleeping?  A great day came to an end.



5 thoughts on “Who Knew…

  1. Have fun with the ball crusher. One of my favorite scenes used that device. I was tied down, and my Mistress kept edging me. We had a standing rule that I had to tell her when I was about to cum. Every time I told her I was close, she wold stop and twist each screw. This went on for a good 30 minutes. I would go from ecstasy to pain and back, time and again. I was shocked how flat my balls could go. Eventually I was allowed to orgasm and immediately the pain set in, in a post orgasm torture kind of way.

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