I Hate To Tell You This…

As you know, MrsL and I had a very poignant and meaningful conversation last Sunday concerning chastity and each other’s expectations.  It was the launch pad for a great week.

I will admit, I had started to back slide just a bit when it came to paying attention to my wonderful wife and keyholder.  Sure, I still bring home flowers when needed which had made that action rather mundane.  I was still gently rubbing her back as she fell asleep each night…but only if I had been allowed to give her oral pleasure.  In short, the only thing I hadn’t started doing was masturbating again; however, having free access to the penis did lead to quite a lot of having it in my hand doing things a man does with his own penis…short of an orgasm.  In short, not being in chastity was altering my actions.

MrsL hit a lull as well.  She was no longer taking any and every opportunity to gently tickle me on any exposed skin…partly because my body stopped reacting the way it does when I am in chastity (okay call it psychological but there is a difference).  She stopped telling me what she was going to do to me or how she was going to tease and frustrate me while playing with the penis.

To be fair, we both had hit a distinct lull.

This week, after the Sunday conversation, has been spectacular.  The teasing and playfulness has returned ten fold.  Her random acts of tickling exposed skin sends me into a shuddering state of complete loss of control.  I mean the simple act of running a finger up my calf through the back of my knee sends electricity throughout my entire body.  It is wonderful.  As well, my touch on her skin has renewed that magnetism that we had found over the last two years.

All of the week’s activities, and they are too voluminous to chronicle, culminated in the most incredible statement from her eliciting and admission from me during her wake up call yesterday morning.

Thursday night was incredibly beautiful.  Friday morning was spectacular.

I will say, working from home and having a boss that gives me free reign of my schedule because of the amount of time I travel is a wonderful fringe benefit of my job.  Being able to wake her up each morning, slowly and seductively, makes both of our days better.

MrsL was in full on denial mode from the moment she eased out of slumber.  I had already answered 25 emails on open issues from overnight and fielded 2 calls between 7:30 and 9:00. So I decided I would actually crawl back in bed beside her to wake her up.  As I rounded the corner to our room the view of my wonderful curvy wife half covered sent a surge to the Steelheart.  I left a trail of clothes between the door and the bed then nestled in to her back and began caressing her uncovered leg.

As she woke up and rolled on to her back I positioned myself so my mouth was hovering over the closest already taut nipple.

Nope, not this morning.  If you are in bed with me right now just cuddle. 

Holy hormone raising denial!  The penis throbbed inside the steel as the base ring bit into my balls.  My mouth instantly began watering.

Straddle me but don’t you dare let your hands, mouth, or my steel covered cock touch me…am I clear?

No words were needed as I quickly and adroitly moved in to position.

The next few minutes were pure tormented teasing bliss.  MrsL reached between us grabbing the base of the trapped erection behind the base ring.  Oh, it feels like someone is ripe for the picking today…too bad I am not in a picking mood.

With that, she began the  most minute stroking action all the while detailing the thoughts racing through her head…it went something like this:

My cock may get to come out and receive some attention soon.  I want to stroke until you forget all the rules and start begging me to have an orgasm.  When you do start begging, I will let you put the head just inside me and stop.  My muscles will do the rest…pulling you deeper inside and just when you are about to cum…STOP.  After a few minutes I will have my cock start back with just the head…pulling you in deeper and deeper….until I say YES but outside me.  I am going to make you spoil your own orgasm all over me.  Of course you will have to lick me clean before we can proceed.  We will let you recover for a few minutes before I tie you to the bed and mount my hard cock again.  I will control how deep, how fast or slow, when or if I let you cum a second time.  And when I do…I am going to place my cum filled pussy right over your mouth so you can clean me again.  Then just before I have an orgasm…I am going to stop!  We will trade places on the bed…I am going to be tied down and I want you to tease and frustrate me until I am begging to cum. 

At this point the Steelheart was leaking precum like an old faucet.  I was so ready to be allowed to lick her to an orgasm and started whimpering soft pleas to do so.  A quick NOPE followed by there is a mess to be cleaned up below was the response I received with a stern warning to not even think about licking her below the waist.

After licking up the puddle of precum from her stomach I looked her in the eye and said something (and I don’t remember exactly) to the effect of: “please Princess, take control of me completely…I want to be owned and controlled by you. May I please give you an orgasm now?”

In a swift and decisive move that would make Chuck Norris proud, MrsL flung me onto my back and was straddling me eye to eye.

Nope.  It is time to go to work.  However, I hate to tell you this but I think I am already controlling you when it comes to playtime.  Don’t you agree?

It hit me like a run away train.  Yes, she had just took complete control of the entire morning.  It was rewarding to admit that to her at that moment.

Well, I hate to tell  you this…that was the first time I actually felt in control and REALLY enjoyed the feeling.  My whole body is tingling right now from something.  You don’t have to worry about asking me to  control you ever again. 

She rolled off of me and hopped out of bed.  I was left laying there my thoughts swirling in my head.  I am not sure where we go from here and there is no guarantee she will be able to find that tingly feeling again.  However; I do know that for the first time ever yesterday she sent me not one, not two, but five different Snapchat pictures of different parts of her body (you know the sexy parts that drive me wild) throughout the day all with little reminders that I could only have them when she gave me permission to have them.

I think the lull in our chastity lifestyle is over…for now!

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