Beautiful Night

I have always heard and seen people refer to a night of great sex as hot, awesome, erotic, steamy, etc.  Hell, even I have used those descriptors.  Last night…well…it wasn’t sex.  Last night was the most beautiful night of making love we have had…ever…and the penis never left the Steelheart!

I finally had a chance to transfer my last story to MrsL’s laptop.  She still doesn’t read this blog so I put the stories on her laptop for reading pleasure.  As I got up to head off to bed I inquired about how long she was going to be up.  I’m going to read my new story and watch Ellen then I’ll be up. 

My heart leaped out of my chest.  I walked behind the sofa to lean over and gently kiss her forehead then trotted upstairs.  I hadn’t shaved yesterday morning so I made sure to do that before going to bed or nothing would have happened. I went through my nighttime cleaning routine after shaving then hopped in to bed…anxiously awaiting.

When MrsL finally came to bed she must have thought I was asleep because she crawled in bed with her back to me and curled up in her normal “time to go to sleep position.”  I moved close to her and threw my arm over her body letting a hand gently come to rest on a breast.  MrsL’s response started  a slow simmering build up of carnal beauty!

Circling a fingertip around a nipple that had popped up instantly at my touch she started purring like the sexy little minx she is.  Several minutes of my hand alternating between playing with one nipple then the other she rolled over on to her back giving me full access.  The Steelheart was already biting into my balls but I ignored it to focus on her.  Positioning my mouth over the closest nipple I lingered…anxiously waiting…for her to push my head down on to the breast.  That didn’t happen…!

Her hands ran over my cheeks (I am sure to make sure I was clean shaven) then up to my hair.  Taking a handful, my mouth was placed millimeters from the erect nipple.  My body and mind wanted the glory of that breast so badly that I was salivating.  As a drop of saliva hit the nipple, MrsL let out a long soulful moan before pulling me away from her breast. As she took her free hand and swirled the saliva around her breast she pulled my mouth to hers for a long deep kiss.  Her tongue darted in and out of my mouth driving me wild.

After a few seconds of a deep kiss and tongue play I felt a gently tug of the hair and found my mouth hovering millimeters above her other breast.  The torture of being denied her breast played itself out all over again.  The next round of this sweet playful tease involved pushing my mouth on to her breast and just as I began to swirl my tongue around the nipple she would pull me up to her face for another kiss.  At some point, she let go of my hair long enough to place one of my hands on her wet pussy.  My fingers began working and kneading her labia and engorged clit.

MrsL kept up this breast teasing for several minutes before gloriously erupting with an orgasm when she finally pushed my mouth down fully and letting me nipple, suck, and flick my tongue on each breast.  It was very incredibly powerful.

Moments later, I found the leather on my collar pulled tight forcing me down her body as she was spinning on the bed.  I found myself on my knees mouth on her pussy with her legs wrapped around my neck!

MrsL held  my head in place with her legs as she began slowly grinding up and down on my tongue and chin.  I would furiously dart my tongue past her seductively swollen labia each time I had the chance.  As her tempo increased so did my tonguing!

Within moments she screamed, Oh My God… then an ever louder long moan.  Her legs clenched tight and I felt her body pulsing on my tongue.  Her orgasm lasted a long long time.  It was indeed BEAUTIFUL!

As she relaxed, her legs fell away and I slithered up her body to caress her breast and run my fingers up behind her ears.  She arched under me then pushed me back down her body.  This time MrsL lay still on the bed and let me do all of the work. It only took a few laser focused flicks of my tongue to the left side of her clit (the most erogenous area on her body) before she exploded all over my face.  I greedily and voraciously lapped up every drop.

I put my hands under her feet and helped roll her legs up on the bed then crawled over her to my side and snuggled in behind her.  “That was absolutely beautiful, Princess.”

All I got back was a breathless, Uh huh.  I leaned up on an elbow, kissed her cheek, and laid down beside her.  We fell asleep in each other’s arms.  Such a great night.


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