Peaks and Valleys

As I was finishing up yesterday’s post I was struggling with a mash up of feelings after a conversation MrsL and I had after a beautiful intimate morning.  Spoiler alert…everything between us is still great.  We just had an open honest conversation about chastity…again.

I told her Saturday night I was going to let her sleep until she woke up on her own.  She had a busy couple of days with her business on top of the incredible night of sexual dominance she willed over me Friday.  It had been a couple of weeks since her last shave so I told her when she woke up to call me up when she was ready and I would take care of her.

The fact that she allows me the honor…and it is an honor…to shave her pussy is both incredibly sexy and beautifully intimate.  I take great care to ensure there is never a nick.  Gentle fingers manipulate her labia.  Tender razor strokes around her clit ensure she is stimulated all the while hair is being removed.  It always leads to being allowed to lick, nibble, and suck her to a strong powerful orgasm.  Those orgasms are the best.  When she tells me afterwards that her toes tingled and curled as the orgasm raced through her body…a surge of pride runs through me.  I know I have made her feel incredibly special.

Afterwards, as we were intertwined laying in bed I told her how incredibly happy to again be locked in her Steelheart.  As a matter of fact I told her how much I LOVED being locked up by and for her.  I asked if she loved it as much as I did…because…well…after just over 2 years of chastity I thought I knew the answer.

The silence was deafening.  I could feel her body tense just a little.  I knew something wasn’t quite right!

I was laying on her chest at the time and got up on all fours looked into those powerful and peering blue eyes.

“Please, tell me what you are thinking.”

I really love parts of chastity.

“What do you mean?”

I love how your body reacts to my slightest touch.  It makes me feel good knowing my touch sends chills through your body…it doesn’t happen as much when you are not locked.  I love how special you make me feel when you are locked.


I don’t like that I have to lock you up for you to feel that way.

My mind spiraled!   I was stunned for a few moments.

“Princess, please tell me that I haven’t been treating you differently whether I am locked in your Steelheart or not.  You are my entire world.  I don’t want you to struggle with this lifestyle.”

No, you aren’t doing anything different.  

“Princess, as much as I crave being locked up if you are not happy we can stop.  I told  you about the whole devotional sex practice a few weeks back.  I am 100% devoted to you.  I have not masturbated in over 2 years…granted being in chastity has helped with that…but I need to know you are okay with this.”

I am okay.  No you are not back to acting like you were before we started chastity.  You make me feel special all the time.  I just don’t like denying you pleasure.

“Princess, if you want to stop chastity I’m okay with that.  My pleasure is being denied by you. If the huge smile on my face as you locked the Steelheart on after edging me over a dozen times didn’t adequately demonstrate that let me reassure you….deny me…please.  But as I said, if you want to stop with chastity I’m okay with that too.”

She didn’t answer me…just pulled me down for a long intimate kiss.

The remainder of the day was spent being teased.  While I was out mowing the lawn I thought long and hard about a few things.  I realized I had slacked off recently during the long periods of being unlocked:  not as many spontaneous shoulder massages, I couldn’t remember the last time I had ON MY OWN sat down and massaged her feet, I hadn’t brought home flowers….on and on….!  She was right!  Damn did I feel bad!

When I finished the yard I walked in and found her working in the office.  I sat on the floor beside her and told her how I realized just how much I had been slipping.  I told her I haven’t pleasured myself but having unfettered access to the penis for a long time led to me playing with it a lot!  I told her, I would commit to what ever she wanted: devotional sex and not playing with the unlocked penis or staying locked up in her Steelheart.  She looked down at me and smiled:  I am glad you realized it…I am keeping you locked…!

Last night, when I would normally have gotten up and gone to bed at 10 because I was comfortable doing that, I sat down at her feet and while she watched “Once Upon a Time” I massaged her feet…even got to suck on her toes (I guess I earned that privilege again).  We went to bed together and she teased me for awhile before telling me she wanted my tongue between her legs.  Five orgasms later she wrapped her legs around my head before pulling me up on the bed.  Laying on my chest she told me she was good with chastity again.

After all of that, I learned a valuable lesson about myself.  I had become too comfortable and was going through the motions, AGAIN.  Not anymore.  Whether we stay with enforced chastity or transition to devotional sex, I will remain on guard and not let my attention to my Princess wane…ever again!



8 thoughts on “Peaks and Valleys

  1. I just don’t like denying you pleasure.

    Just tapped the spot, right there. It certainly comes from that place of not understanding, the ability to do it comes from the desire to please you….oddly.

    It is a difficulty for my brain…I’m glad I’m not the only one.

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    1. Things have leveled out since our conversation. We had both gotten used to me being unlocked resulting in a definite loss of some of the kinkiness.

      The past couple of days have been much better. I’m pecking away at a post about this morning’s wake up call and the whole concept of “being controlled.” I haven’t been able to focus all day!!!

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