St. Patrick’s Day Play

The day started innocently enough.  MrsL slept in later than normal and didn’t get her normal wake up call, me caressing her body until she is ready for an orgasm, because my boss added 3 calls to the calendar for the morning.  So when she came out around 10:30 in nothing but a sheer cotton night shirt.  After a brief kiss on the cheek and a whispered inquiry about being on mute she reached down through my sweats to stroke my cock.

As I’ve chronicled as of late on here, I have been experiencing some performance issues.  I have yet to make it back to the men’s clinic to renew my treatment plan for the magic bullet shot (which if I am being honest the first treatment plan really wasn’t needed…it was more vanity in wanting to finally give MrsL a vaginal orgasm) and at my recent visit to the urologist was given a sample of Cialis.  MrsL took possession of that sample.  Thursday night, she was in a playful mood when she came to bed: denying me the honor of giving her an oral orgasm as she focused on my nipples and the penis.  I tried to relax and let things happen only to be maddened by non performance.  When I finally muttered, “it is obviously not going to cooperate tonight,” MrsL simply asked if I was enjoying the attention, put a finger over my lips then gently kissed the head of the penis before:

If it feels good don’t think about the erection…besides…you would have been horribly frustrated with the outcome…a spoiled orgasm. 

She smiled then cuddled in on my chest and whispered…we’ll try again tomorrow night.

As she was now stroking the penis, knowing I was on mute, there was a tingle in the groin resulting in a 85% erection.  She again smiled as she stroked me and whispered in my ear: it has been awhile since I fucked you so tonight, after a visit to the nail spa, you are going to be my play toy.  At some point today, you need to make sure you are ready for tonight…you know what that means, right?  Of course I knew! 

That whispered message sent a surge in the penis.  The remainder of the day I could barely focus on anything.  Even the call after lunch from my boss with my pay raise information couldn’t get my mind off of the possibilities of the evening.  She made an appointment for 5:15 p.m. so I shut down work at 3:30 and to take care of preparations for the evening, hopped in the shower, and then got to watch her shower and get ready.  We set off for our appointment both full of excitement.  There was playful suggestive language during the pedicures…nothing overt…but playful.  I am always finished before her.  MrsL always suggest that I can leave and come back after her manicure.  That suggestion always comes with a gentle yet definitive look…I am saying you can go…but you better stay.  It is one of her subtle ways of being in control.  I always sit there patiently, playing games on my phone, waiting and secretly hoping she will tell someone why I am waiting. The closest she came was back last fall when a 20-something newlywed was seated beside her in the pedicure area who asked about her key charm necklace.  She reached over and stroked my arm then coyly replied: My wonderful husband gave me to key to his heart and HAPPINESS.  Isn’t that right, my knight?

Sorry, I’m rambling.  Back to the story.

We ran to get take out afterward then were back at home.  As soon as the door closed MrsL flipped a mental switch and I knew it was going to be a great evening.  She, as always, enters first as I hold the door open for her.  I closed the door, turned on the alarm, turned to find her staring at me:  Why do you still have clothes on?  You are not to utter another word tonight, unless I ask you a specific question.  Understand?  I shook my head demonstrably yes as I stripped.  Thus the night began.

As we ate, I did something I have never done before.  I sat at her feet on the floor.  I wanted to add a bit of submission early on and it worked.  After we finished dinner, knowing I was already revved up, MrsL insisted on a lengthy foot massage.  As I sat at there massaging her feet she casually watched one of her shows from the DVR…never once looking down at me.

Her feet were soft and supple.  Her freshly painted toes were beckoning.  When I attempted to lean in to begin licking the heel of the foot I was massaging I was quickly put in my place with the other foot being placed on my forehead pushing my face away:  I don’t remember giving you permission to kiss my feet.  That is a privilege you have to earn.  Hands only!

It is really hard to put in writing how I felt at that moment.  Stunned?  A little but pleasantly.  Proud?  Hell Yes!  Anxious for what was next?  Oh yeah!

After about an hour of attention to her feet, MrsL reached in to the drawer in the side table pulling out the sample box of Cialis.  The instructions say take one 30 minutes before intercourse…well in your case possible intercourse…in my case playtime.  Take this. Go get my toys ready, and then attach yourself to the door blindfolded…and…gagged.  I will be up sometime after 30 minutes. Is there anything you want to say before you go? 

Looking up in those beautiful blue eyes gleaming with intensity I said what I have been thinking for a long long time:  “Princess, please do what you want to do tonight.  I am yours to use.  Please push my limits and explore your own boundaries.”  She smiled as she extended a hand with the pill.  Nothing else was said.   

I swallowed the pill then scampered upstairs.  Knowing it would be at least half an hour, I took some time getting the toys out of the box, pulling the straps from under the mattress, situating the cross on the closet door, putting the ball gag on, positioning the blindfold so I could easily slide it over my eyes, then finally securing both ankles and one wrist to the cross.  I used the free hand to slide the blindfold in place and waited.  Oh, I also lit two big candles for her pleasure as well.  I am glad I did!

When I finally heard MrsL climbing the stairs I took a deep breath and started looking for sub space.  I also noticed a distinct rapid rise in the penis.  I felt her presence as she entered our bedroom…soon to become her personal playground…and sunk further in to sub space.

A breathy whisper in my ear as she secured my free hand to the cross confirmed what I hoped would happen:  You are my toy tonight…I am going to have lots of fun…try to enjoy.

I listened as she walked over to her toys then back.  Wow, I guess that stuff really works. She stroked the fully erect penis before a rubber twist tie was seated behind the base of my balls and twisted tight.  A inquiry about the tightness confirmed with a shaken yes sent her to the next phase.

The penis was standing rigid.  Hot wax began covering the shaft.  The first drop was very hot…a bit of a shock…but brilliantly balanced with the pleasure rushing through my body.  I left sub space to enjoy that feeling and never went back.  I wanted to experience everything MrsL wanted to do to me in all its glory…and…pain.  Wax was poured down my chest focusing on each nipple.  She stepped back and commented on her wax painting then walked to her toy box and returned sitting down underneath me.   The Aneros was slid in to my ass.  You can massage your prostate but don’t you dare let a drop of cum out of my cock.  As I flexed my ass enjoying the feel MrsL began removing the dried wax.  The penis was still fully engorged.  I had to focus and occasionally stop flexing to keep from milking myself as she removed the wax.  When the penis was clean a second then third twist tie were added this time to the shaft:  one at the base near the balls and the other just behind the crown.  The pressure created was exquisite but quickly become torture as MrsL began licking the exposed meat between the two ties!

She would lick that area then alternate with placing the head in her mouth and swirling her tongue around the head.  I can only imagine just how fat and purple the head was as well as how many veins had popped up between the ties.  She kept up this alternating tease until I yelled close through the ball gag.  Each time she would hesitate for a few seconds then go right back to her oral torture.  After several near orgasms she sucked one ball in her mouth placing it between her teeth and clamped down.  Pain raced through my body as she bit harder.  Muffled screams through the gag only encouraged her as she began alternating her focus on both balls.

After a few minutes of this all three twist ties were removed.  She was still sitting in front of me but had moved back slightly.  Her next actions really solidified she was in full exploration mode.

I felt her hands reach around and grab both cheeks and begin pulling me forward…arching me off of the door!  She pulled me out to the point where she could just get the head of the penis in her mouth.  Talk about frustrating!  Being pulled like a bow string and teased with just the head receiving attention was a intoxicating mix of intense pleasure and manageable pain.  Every time she sensed me getting close she would release her hands and I would collapse back on the door.  This little routine happened four times.  The last time I got near an orgasm she slid her hands down to my ankles and unclipped the cuffs.  Standing up and releasing the wrist I was led to the bed and cinched spread eagle to the four corners face down.

Positioning a body pillow under my waist so my ass was elevated, MrsL made sure the penis was available for her attention.  You have five minutes to work the prostate massager to try and cum…five minutes…go!

She sat on the edge of the bed and tickled my feet as I furiously worked the Aneros.  The distraction of her tickling my feet was beautifully erotic.  No matter how hard I worked…there was no orgasm to be had…thanks to that little distraction.  Times up.  Now I am going to fuck an orgasm out of you.  I hope you are ready.

The Aneros was unceremoniously removed and there was a few minutes respite as I heard her preparing.  Other than the pressure on the bed, there was no warning before her dildo was gently sliding past my hole.

I could tell from the size she was using the smaller 6″ dildo and was quietly saying thank you.  It has been a while since she last fucked me.  After slowly burying the entire dildo inside me, making sure I felt the balls against my ass, she began a slow rhythmic grind.  I arched my back to make it easier for her attention and was rewarded with her free hand gripping the still 70% firm (I guess the Cialis works?) penis.  The dildo felt great at first.  Without warning she began increasing the speed of the strokes both with the dildo and on the penis.  The fucking went from pleasurable to very much unpleasant quickly…and if I’m being honest…I loved it (I have had fantasies of being kidnapped and raped by both men and women for a long time)!

I could sense an orgasm building in my groin and thought briefly about not uttering the magic word “close” since she had said she was going to fuck an orgasm out of me.  However, the vivid memory of my last spanking for an unauthorized orgasm flashed through my mind and I yelled close through the gag.  She immediately stopped!  The penis twitched and oozed a bit of precum…I could feel it and she commented about it…and after waiting a minute or so she began the slow easy combination fuck & stroke routine again.  After being edged like this five times she asked if I was ready for the bigger 8″ dildo.  I grunted yes and was soon being filled with every bit of that dildo.

After making sure my body accepted the larger dildo the combo fuck & stroke action continued.  Another six trips to the edge of an orgasm had me completely spent and MrsL could sense as much.  She got up and informed me she was going to be unlocked and flipped on my back but I was not to move.

I had no idea what was coming…until I heard her open the jewelry box where she keeps the emergency Steelheart key. Thankfully, the Cialis had worn off during the marathon edging as she was fucking me.  Normally, she would have me put on the base ring but not tonight.  As I lay there not daring to move a muscle MrsL locked her Steelheart in place then whispered in my ear:

I changed my mind.  You aren’t ready for an orgasm.  Now go take a shower before coming to bed. 

When I came back to bed she invoked her “sweet dreams” rule which means I can snuggle up to her but I am forbidden from touching her in any manner that is sexual.  I can’t touch her breast!  I can’t touch her wonderful pussy!  I can simply cuddle and wrap my arm around her.  So frustrating!  She was soon in a deep sleep.  Me, I lay there basking in the soreness of the activities with the penis struggling to get hard inside the cold steel!  Such a great night!


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