Everything is good

Sorry I haven’t written in a few days. I am still here. MrsL still is leaving me unlocked and we have discussed the concept of Devotional Sex as I have gone over two years without masturbating. Don’t get me wrong, I still CRAVE the feeling of being in the Steelheart and want to buy a 100% titanium Steelwerks cage for long term chastity. But in the interim, MrsL truly enjoys teasing me anytime she gets near.

I am proud to update 26’s status. Since his forced move he is truly becoming an adult. The best part of his recovery came last week when 21 was at home for spring break. When he found out I was in town Friday and he was off…he initiated a family night. Not only did he initiate the conversation he called 21 to coordinate. They don’t have the best relationship but that little act spoke volumes. We went and did a local escape room and had a blast. Afterwards we did sushi then went up to 26’s apartment. Clean, organized, and adult looking! Now that may not seem like much to others…to MrsL and me…it was so rewarding. I complimented him vociferously. 

He sent us both a text last night…he had two “first” interviews over the phone today for a full time job! He has started the process to get a restricted drivers license so hope it goes well.

21 is 21! He had applied for a half dozen IT internships here locally for the summer. His grades are great and he learned a valuable lesson on procrastination when applying for a dorm room. He and his roommate kept “forgetting” to submit their application for housing for the fall. They didn’t turn it in until the last day. Even though he will be a senior and his roommate will be a junior they still went to the bottom of the upperclassmen list for picking rooms. They didn’t get the dorm they wanted nor did they get a room together. Now, they are having to watch the dorms page for drops. I asked him if he learned a lesson. He just grinned and shook his head yes. I reiterated how important deadlines were in the real world and how the consequences could be much more severe than a dorm room on the far edge of campus. Life lessons.

I’m at home this week with my first bout of bronchitis with sinus infection. My sinuses are so painful it feels like I have a nasty toothache! Going to be breaking out the trusty neti pot later today. This after having a pulmonary specialist officially diagnose me with asthma. The daily medicine appears to be helping manage.  Monday, I had my urologist visit and was told I had a slightly enlarged, but normal, prostate. I guess it is normal for old guys to have this issue. The performance issues are intermittent at this point. It is, according to the doctor, not related to the enlarged prostate. However he did give me several samples of viagra and cialis to try. Needless to say, MrsL has them in her possession and will give them to me when she wants me to have them. 

I do have several great sexual encounters to document here and will do that soon! 

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