Rise of the…

Just a quick note: this morning after letting MrsL sleep in while I played Xbox and while 21 was still asleep (spring break and we can’t pay him to go to Florida…) things happened!

Even though I am still troubled by the “non performance events”of the past couple of weeks it was incredibly relieving when the penis sprang to full attention this morning whilst waking up my Princess! Not only did the penis respond, the look on MrsL’s face when she discovered the erection was so damn rewarding!  She ripped my sweats down then spun around on the bed. Enjoy! She even commented on just how hard it was! 

So to recap: relaxing morning, same wake up routine, erection, and an orgasm for me! She said she wanted to wait until tonight for hers…! I can’t wait!

There was a very real yet not as strong discomfort in my abdomen while I was ejaculating. I have an appointment with a urologist in a week to discuss that along with the elevated PSA. However, I am much more relaxed now that I was able to achieve a fully involved erection.

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