I am not sure if the performance issues will go away for good; however, last night I felt like a 20 something all over again….without a shot, without Cialis, or without Viagra. MrsL came to be around 1 after watching a couple of episodes of Big Little Lies with 26.  We had all watched Fences, … More YES

Just Writing

Okay, fair warning….I am just a little drunk right now.  Had a great day at work that finished early enough for happy hour at the hotel bar.  I drank a full bottle of Merlot and although I need to be doing more prep for my investigation tomorrow I am sitting here looking at Tumblr and … More Just Writing

Who Knew…

Yesterday was a brilliant day.  If you are dropping by looking for salacious details about a hot and erotic sexual encounter…well…you are going to be horribly disappointed today. MrsL had a social event to attend starting at 11 a.m. and I had several errands to run.  I needed to go pick up some type of … More Who Knew…

Beautiful Night

I have always heard and seen people refer to a night of great sex as hot, awesome, erotic, steamy, etc.  Hell, even I have used those descriptors.  Last night…well…it wasn’t sex.  Last night was the most beautiful night of making love we have had…ever…and the penis never left the Steelheart! I finally had a chance … More Beautiful Night

Peaks and Valleys

As I was finishing up yesterday’s post I was struggling with a mash up of feelings after a conversation MrsL and I had after a beautiful intimate morning.  Spoiler alert…everything between us is still great.  We just had an open honest conversation about chastity…again. I told her Saturday night I was going to let her … More Peaks and Valleys