Useless Ramblings

This post is going to bounce around like a gleeful child on their new trampoline. Fair warning!

I’m back out on the road sans any chastity device.  I think MrsL is sensing my utter disappointment with the whole performance issue. Not being able to satisfy her desire to have a fully erect penis buried deep inside her is infinitely more frustrating than being locked in the Steelheart for any amount of time. 

I was left unlocked after my doctor’s appointment yesterday and when she came to bed last night she wanted sex. We were both encouraged with the initial reaction. But like a balloon with a slow leak…the erection began to deflate. Since she was on top, a strategically placed hand on the base of the shaft and some minor contortions by MrsL allowed me to last long enough for me to start moaning close. She said “enjoy” but it was anything but enjoyable. Yes there was a modicum of pleasure when the orgasm began…until I felt like I had been punched in the gut. I’m not sure what or where that reaction came from but with the first blast of cum…my abdomen clenched, my stomach churned, and the euphoria of an orgasm vanished. It was replaced with WTF?  I didn’t tell MrsL. I didn’t want to disappoint her more than she already had been.

Oh, I scheduled a visit with the men’s clinic to get more magic shots. 

She was so excited with the partial erection that she didn’t even take out the PA ring. Maybe that caused the gut punch.  

Then to make things even more maddening…she made herself off limits. At that point, all I wanted was to hear her moan and scream and she knew it…and used that to fuel my desire. I can’t wait until Thursday night!

So, there may be some underlying explanation for the performance issues. I have an elevated PSA level. It was only “slightly” above normal, like .05 points, but enough that he asked me two questions that prompted a referral to a urologist: are you having any issues urinating (yes) and are you having performance issues (hell yes). So, off to yet another doctor.

Cellphones and meals! How sad is it when a family of four are out for dinner and three of the four have their noses stuck in a cellphone? The only one, sitting quietly and obviously feelings ignored, was the elderly grandmother. The teenager didn’t even take his earbuds out when the food arrived. Sad!

I hate vendor meetings! One down and one to go. We’ve narrowed down our RFP to the best two options and they each have a half day demo to showcase their product. We, then, have a few days to play in the sandboxes and choose the best one to get the right to negotiate a deal.  

Okay, I’ve rambled enough and am nodding off between sentences. Time to end this long day. Be back soon!

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