Feeling Unsettled

I wish I could put my finger on exactly what is going on but really can’t! 

First, I know part of the issue is I am back out for the first of four straight weeks of travel. Yeah I’m a bit excited about exploring the food scene in and around Toronto. I just really get down the first couple of nights back out. 

Second, I think part of my issue is the fact that I went 70+ days without an orgasm then MrsL gave me 4 full and 2 ruined orgasms in a week…when there wasn’t the next issue bugging me!  I am certain all of the orgasms have drained more than just my balls.

Third, and I think the real issue, MrsL wanted me inside her last night and nothing happened!  I mean nothing! Old reliable sure fire methods of getting an erection, like the little blue clamps, didn’t even work!  She tried oral stimulation. She tried manual stimulation with both hands…one stroking while the other played with the balls. She even tried trapping the shaft against my body with her labia and grinding…nothing worked. She was understanding and tried to make me feel better. I played along and held her in my arms until I fell asleep. That is twice in the week with performance issues! 

I am beginning to wonder, and can’t find any reliable information, if being locked in chastity contributes to this issue? I know…I just turned the big 50 and “all guys” have performance issues at some point. To make matters worse my plan for the magic bullet shots is over and I haven’t had time to go back for the evaluation to get more of them.

Am I overthinking or overreacting to the performance issues?

Finally: last night MrsL handed me a colored locking tab for the EvotionWearables travel cage for this morning. She did this before she said she wanted me inside her. I think her plan was to give me one more full orgasm…obviously that didn’t work. This morning, I woke up showered and tried to get the balls through the base ring, which I did with much discomfort. I had a little time so I waited a few minutes to see if the discomfort went away. It did not! So, I just locked on the cage portion. I guess the swelling from a couple weeks back never fully resolved. If I had known the potential scarring issues from having a vasectomy were this bad…I would have nevet had it done!

So, a cascading series of events seems to be reeking havoc on my mood. I’m a big boy and will get through this especially once I can get back to the men’s clinic for more shots. Of course, simply writing about it has already helped. 

5 thoughts on “Feeling Unsettled

  1. I didn’t comment earlier because I have nothing at all accurate or experiential to add…just motherly “Dear, do you think it’s related to that other thing? Why haven’t you gone in and gotten your tests? You’re working too hard and traveling too much!….etc…”
    I like Hapa’s answer better.

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