Trouble With the Plug

I am at a complete loss and searching for advice and input.

I described last week how the silicone Doc Johnson and nJoy plugs both refused to stay engaged. I thought maybe it was too much lubricant coupled with some Boy Butter as the culprit. Well, yesterday and today both I’ve had the same issue…BUT (no pun intended) only with the silicone plug!

Yesterday morning, in an attempt to surprise MrsL I decided to put in a plug when I woke up.  After a brief thorough cleaning, I grabbed the nJoy large plug to see if it would stay in place. The nJoy is smaller than the Doc Johnson silicone so my hopes were that it would stay put. Hoping to learn from last week I only applied enough lube to be comfortable minus the Boy Butter. I gently worked the tip past the sphincter to get it set in place. Much to my pleasurable surprise it stayed put! I wore it for two hours. 

I was letting MrsL sleep as long as she wished and decided I would not say anything when she came down. After a brief brunch together I went upstairs to start on my honey-do list for the day. Since the nJoy had stayed in place I decided to switch to the larger silicone plug. 

The switch went well prompting me to send MrsL a Snapchat of the DJ plug seated in place with a little message asking is she approved. She quickly replied “just don’t get too sore”. GREAT!! My plan seemed to be working…more anal play tonight I thought to myself!

A few minutes after the switch and Snapchat exchange my body, in what I can only call a rebellion, began rejecting the silicone! I clenched and pressed to the point of cramps in my ass cheeks to no avail. Every time I relaxed my body began rejecting that plug! 

I tried putting the nJoy metal plug back in place and it stayed! 

So, I am thinking my body doesn’t like the silicone. There is a bit of mild itching associated with its use the past two times. I know I had to stop using the Bon4 silicone due to incessant itching as well. Allergies?

Thoughts and feedback appreciated. Thanks 

5 thoughts on “Trouble With the Plug

  1. I’d be thinking that your body likes the shape of the Njoy more than the other more than the material being the issue. The Njoy has a very well defined and relatively long neck and smallish bulb. The DJ is very different in shape.

    Also are you SURE the DJ one is pure silicon? They are known for shoddy practices and dubious toy materials. Perhaps try one from Tantus or some other more reputable brand.


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  2. The classic advice I’ve heard is that to prevent a plug popping out, one needs a 5:1 or 6:1 ratio between the widest part inside the sphincters and the small neck residing through the sphincters. It may be the neck of the expelled plug is a bit too wide for you.
    But the rather abrupt expulsion would seem to signal something completely different and I agree with Ferns, the DJ’s just aren’t great quality materials and soft plastics can be toxic. *Not* what one wants for any length of time in contact with delicate and highly absorptive mucosa. I advocate wrapping anal toys in an un-lubed condom with knot at the bottom for several reasons, not least of all is to minimize the risks associated with undesireable materials. Give your ass only the best, you deserve it. It bears noting that maybe there’s something about the lube that disagrees, maybe a particular preservative or antimicrobial angent. You might also check to see its expiration date, not impossible it has developed a contamination.

    Hope and trust you will be right as rain again soon!

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