Celebrating Part 2

Saturday morning arrived to find both MrsL and I very anxious to start the day.  Her overnight rule of absolutely no touching was a challenge for me; however, I made it through the night without issue.  I did wake up once when I felt something on my calf.  It was her foot caressing my leg.  I laid perfectly still and let her dream play out and didn’t say a word about it.  No need to tempt fate?

We had agreed on a timetable that would put us at the hotel with plenty of time to shower and dressed for the evening.  Since we woke up a few minutes early, MrsL decided she wanted some loving attention to her nipples.  She has finally figured out how to fully use the leather cord (I call it a collar) around my neck and ever so gently moved me from one nipple to the next all while grinding herself on my thigh.  I find that to be so tantalizingly beautiful!  She always stops herself short of an orgasm, as she did this morning, but she is getting close to tumbling head first over the edge of self pleasure!

As quickly as the fun began…it ended. We need to get moving so we aren’t late for anything.  I know how you hate to be late.  A sexy little swat to my bare ass cheeks sent me scurrying.  We got up packed, grabbed a quick bite for breakfast, and started our day.

The first stop, the nail salon.  I got my pedicure and MrsL got her full mani/pedi.  I have discovered the scrub and moisturizer they use for the calf massage portion of the pedicure does great things for my skin condition.  I won’t bore you too much other than to tell you it is a form of pre skin cancer called Disseminated Superficial Actinic Porokeratosis (DSAP for short) that rarely if ever becomes full blown cancer.  I have had skin cancer twice and have been told by my Dermatologist I have nothing to fear from the DSAP?  Anyway. The scrub/moisturizer does this place uses does something to the little lesions that make them stop itching for about a week.  I can’t afford weekly pedicures but once a month is a good thing.

MrsL chose to have squared white tips on her fingers, which make an excellent tool for scratching and a rich deep purple polish for her toes.  Have I mentioned how much I love purple?  Her treatment takes an hour and a half to two hours, depending on how busy the salon is, so after my pedicure is finished I usually walk down to the grocery to buy something small to get cash for the tip then hang out in the salon playing games on my phone (and looking at Tumblr when I can sneak it in). Sometimes, I walk over to the Adam & Eve across the parking lot and usually come out with a new toy; however, I was forbidden to do that today.  As the owner’s husband was finishing up her white tips, actually he was redoing most of them because he didn’t like the quality, MrsL asked if I remembered the champagne from the store.  Of course I HAD NOT!  This next sequence of events created an instant erection that the whole salon could see since I was wearing gym shorts and boxers!

In a clear, matter of fact, “your ass is in trouble” but not humiliating voice (if that makes sense): You get yourself up and walk back down there right and get our champagne.  GO!

She has never given me orders like that in public loud enough for people to hear.  It was exhilarating.  I could hear giggles and laudatory comments behind me as I opened the door.  One older lady, the one who I tweeted about trailing the smell of smoke behind her as she entered, could be heard “That’s the way, honey.”  I was proud!  The erection lasted for most of the walk down the sidewalk to the grocery store and even garnered the attention of a young woman and her beau (because he had to turn around to look) sitting at a picnic table outside a little café.  Since nothing was said I just kept on walking.  When I returned from procuring the champagne and putting it in the car, the mom with the teen who had been setting in a chair beside me waiting asked MrsL: “How do you get him to do that?”  I blushed a bit but puffed out my chest when MrsL answered:  Oh, I’ve got the key to his happiness.  She let that trail off.  Thankfully there were no follow up questions.

A brief grab n go lunch set on us our way to the hotel.  We have used this hotel before for weekend getaways with my travel points.  It is one block from the center city area and three blocks from all of the entertainment and arena.  In other words, perfect for a night out to have a few drinks and not have to worry about who is driving home.  We checked in and wheeled the luggage cart up to the room.  Being a top tier member of the Marriott points system, we were upgraded to a luxury room complete with a large rainfall shower.  And yes, WE took advantage of having a shower big enough for both of us!  Sorry, no details on that one other than to say it was FUN!  After unloading the cart I said I would leave it in the hall, since housekeeping was still finishing up, but MrsL insisted I take it back down to the lobby.  When I rounded the corner from the little corridor from the hotel door to our bed upon my return I saw why!

MrsL had stripped and was laying there on the bed.  The sheers on the window were still closed but she had left the curtains open.  She took one finger and simply pointed to her crotch.  I couldn’t get undressed completely as I had asked the front desk for a wine stand and chiller for the champagne.  That didn’t stop me from giving her body the attention she craved.  I sucked on those luscious purple tipped toes on her left foot.  I kissed and nibbled my way up her leg before exhaling warm moist breath on her wet pussy then kissed and nibbled my way down her right leg giving those toes their proper attention.

Not knowing how much time we had before someone knocked on the door coupled with the remote possibility that someone might make out through the sheers what we were doing was exciting.   I was able to finger and tongue her to 3 rapid fire orgasms…the third of which had her moaning loudly…just as the knock came at the door!  Since I was still in gym shorts my erection was again CLEARLY visible and again the young man who delivered the wine stand and chiller obviously noticed.  Now, I am not one of those huge cock guys.  I would say I am rather average…at 7″ fully erect…but I am enough to notice.  Of course, he had to have heard MrsL just before he knocked because she was making no attempt to muffle her moans.  As I opened the door, and I opened it wide enough, he looked me eye to eye then glanced down.  A knowing smile crossed his face as he said, “Have a good evening, sir.”

I have to admit being a bit of an exhibitionist is sort of fun!

We both showered and got ready for the afternoon/evening.  MrsL, at my request, wore her tight black jeans, boots, and a square cut blouse that accentuated her cleavage nicely.  Her key pendant rested nicely right in between!  She finished her look with a long black vest.  Sexy!!!  We then headed out for our evening.

If you haven’t seen the one man show: Men are From Mars Women are From Venus based on Dr. John Grey’s book from the mid 90’s..you must go see it!  It had us both laughing out loud as was the entire audience.  If it is near you…go!

The play, dinner, and drinks at Howl at the Moon were fun.  There was, of course, sexy banter between us with me subtly pointing hot guys to MrsL and her always smacking me on the leg before looking…but she did always look!  Around 10:30, as Howl was really beginning to become standing room only we called it a night.  Walking back to our hotel holding hands and commenting on the evening we shared, to that point, was if I am being honest THE BEST PART OF THE EVENING.  Even with all of the romance, sex, and kink of the past two years just holding MrsL’s hand and talking still makes me all tingly inside.

If you haven’t read the Sneak Preview post go ahead and check it out.  We had a blast.  The fact that MrsL actually, whether it was because she was a little tipsy or not doesn’t matter to me, fingered herself and was ENJOYING IT made my night.  Yes; the binder clamps were painful, especially taking them off after nearly an hour but I didn’t care.  Watching her play with her clit, insert a finger in her pussy, and listening to her gentle moans of discovery made it all worth it.  Of course, the orgasm I was allowed to have was stellar!

I do have to mention one thing that bothered me….I had serious performance issues the next morning.  I don’t know if it was the alcohol or my own mind playing games with me.  MrsL woke up and wanted me inside her again and the erection just wouldn’t happen.  It was very troubling and embarrassing.  She tried to comfort me but it didn’t work.  The only thing that took my mind off of it was when she took me by the collar and place my mouth on her pussy for a few more orgasms.  NOTE: since then as you will read below there have not been any issues.  Of course, like most guys in chastity I have no real endurance but the erection issue went away.

Since then, I have been granted a total of 4 orgasms (the last one being last night) with one more ruined thrown in for good  measure.  Sometimes I think we cross the boundary between enforced chastity and the concept of “devotional sex” and I am okay with that as well.  MrsL did mention…You better enjoy this while it last. 

I think my anniversary celebrating is coming to an end real soon!

4 thoughts on “Celebrating Part 2

      1. I don’t think that means you love her any less, and yes, it’s taken me a lot to get to this point, given my upbringing. But I do see a certain fluidity to sexuality that I never realized before and I don’t feel so threatened by divergent interests, more curiously engaged. Give her time.

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