Okay, I am finalizing part two of the anniversary weekend activities. Sorry it is taking longer than I thought. Should be finished this weekend. In the interim…

Just a brief note about hospital scrubs and a personal dilemma.

I had to go to the hospital today to have a series of x-rays for an upcoming appointment (follow ups from the issue last month). What is it about hot guys and scrubs? I mean at every turn this afternoon my eyes were drawn to big thick cocks bouncing around in scrubs on smoking hot guys! 

Damn…just damn!  

Sometimes there is a few seconds of eye contact with the guy and a knowing smile that I’ve been caught looking. Other times when I try to make eye contact the guy is too engrossed in his phone/paperwork/other conversations. It is so damn erotic.

Which brings me to my dilemma! 

I have been seriously contemplating broaching the subject of wanting to have sex with a guy with MrsL. I am scared as hell even thinking about what might happen if I ever get up the nerve to say anything. I’ve made passing references to hot guys in the past to MrsL. These comments are more along the lines of getting her to explore her sexual satisfaction…which always results in an immediate and emphatic “I’m a one man woman…” or something to that affect. 

Days like today make me really struggle. I mean I am happier now more than ever in my relationship and commitment to MrsL and her growing confidence in all things sexual. However, there is this part of me that really wants to explore the these urges! I think ultimately they are better left unsaid! 

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