Celebrating Part 1

MrsL and I are now in that phase of marriage where we have been together as a couple: dating, engaged, married, longer than we were single.  It is sort of weird and we have definitely had our ups & downs.  Great times in the marriage have been bountiful as have been those times when one or both of us were contemplating is this marriage going to last.  These past two years; however, even with our oldest son’s addiction issues and near death experience have rekindled a desire in each of us we both thought long since lost.

Friday morning, as I wrote about, MrsL began the day by unlocking with a verbal tease.  The remainder of the day was just as tantalizingly fun as the morning.  We had a little cold weather blow through overnight so the heat was back on so I was ordered to remain naked from the waist down for her pleasure. I didn’t mind at all as I was allowed a t-shirt and socks.  By the end of the day I had lost count of the number of times she had come up to my desk to spin my chair to the side for a little fun or sent me sexy little Snapchat messages. I was able to finish up the day around 4:30 as the repair guy finished up testing our washing machine.  Thankfully, he was not very cute so wasn’t a distraction.  We had discussed making burgers for dinner but quickly decided a quick trip to the Red Robin was in order (NOTE: we are also discovering that sometimes it is cheaper to go out for dinner than to try and plan a meal for just the two of us…sorry got distracted) so we spirited off upstairs for showers.

MrsL had other things in mind.  She lay on the bed and informed me she needed a shave.  Like a squirrel gathering acorns in October, I scurried around gathering up all of the required items then found her laying naked on the bed waiting.  Just in case you are wondering, my knight, this is a non erotic shave.  Don’t get any ideas.  If I even think you are trying to take advantage you will be locked back up in the Steelheart for the remainder of the month!

Well, damn!  My mind raced but my hands stayed focused on the task.  We finished and ran down the street for dinner.

Once we got home; MrsL informed me she had to put together a couple of sales packets for upcoming shows which would give me plenty of time to run off upstairs and get prepped for her dildo!  The amazing thing about this little exchange is that she said it very “matter of factly” without emotion or a glance at me.  Kind of HOT!!!

We had recently ordered a home enema kit so it was christened Friday evening.  On a side note, using a home enema kit solo is a bit of a challenge.

MrsL sent up instructions via Snapchat as I was getting clean:  When you are done, put in the butt plug and put the new cross on the closet door.  Text me just before you latch yourself to the door.

Okay, so here is a bit of non sexy….sorry.  Neither the Doc Johnson silicone plug or the nJoy plug wanted to stay “engaged” Friday night.  I don’t know I used too much lubricant or what.  I mean it has been over a month since any anal play so I am not sure what was going on.  Of course, MrsL was gracious when I replied to her Snapchat asking what was taking so long and I had to tell her neither of the plugs wanted to stay in place.  She simply texted: just get on the door…!

Very seldom does MrsL do a strip tease for me.  Even though I love her body…she has confidence issues sometimes.  Friday night was not one of them!  The awesome part of this striptease; though, is she stroked or sucked or wrapped her breast around the penis and gloriously slide them up and down the penis in between removing an article of clothing….of course the wrapping of breast around the penis was last as her bra stayed on until the end.  She was getting great joy from the expressions on my face and dared me to say anything.  You see, one of our standing rules is I am not allowed to speak during play.  I can moan, groan, grunt, or make any other noise…just no words…except close (when I am on the verge…even though she knows), yellow, or red…if needed.

I could sense she was on a mission but couldn’t quite figure it out until she wanted me to figure it out.  A RUINED ORGASM!

Oh, I damn near forgot the sexiest and most frustrating part of the evening.  Before she started her striptease and tease routine, MrsL wrapped her arms around my neck and with a huge grin we had this brief conversation:

So, do you remember your bachelor party?  Well were you allowed to touch?  You can answer.

“You know the dancer clawed my back pretty good.” (NOTE, my fraternity brothers took me to the local strip club and I ended up on stage tied to a chair with my shirt off and the lovely dancer scratched my back up pretty good.  It was still sore days later.  Of course I was so drunk at the time I didn’t feel any of it).

That is not what I asked…were you allowed to touch the dancer?

“No, Princess I was not allowed to touch.”

Well tonight YOU, sir, are not allowed to touch me.  As a matter of fact once I am finished with you and we go to bed if even a toe glances my body I will send you to guest bedroom.  Understand?  Just shake your head yes!  This stays in effect until we get to the hotel tomorrow.

Now back to the events of the evening…

Once she was completely naked she lay on the floor in front of me.  Thankfully we don’t have a posture collar, YET, so I had the pleasure of looking down her legs at that beautifully shaved pussy glistening with her juices as she reached up with her feet and edged me three of four times. The edging had me to the point of just starting to soften up a bit. Of course, MrsL knows just what to do to fix that little problem.  She got up and walked over to the toy box and grabbed her little blue clamps then slowly, popping those hips with each stride like a cat walk super model, sauntered back over to my exposed body.  These should do the trick.

Each nipple had one small clamp and she began stroking me.  In no time I was grunting “CLOSE” through labored breathing.  MrsL’s little OKAY sent chills through my body.  The tingling in the toes ran up my legs into the groin. I could feel my balls pulling in to my body.  As MrsL felt the first spasm at the base of the penis she stopped stroking and removed both clamps at once.  The resulting ruined orgasm was maddening!  I grunted and growled like a caged bear as that glorious rush of endorphins crashed through my body like a wave hitting a breaker all the while the penis oozed cum on to the towel on the floor.  MrsL just stood there watching and giggling.  It was blissful!  She did catch a handful of cum and made me lick her hand clean as she unlatched my hands.  Are you ready to be fucked?

For the next few minutes MrsL had me sprawled on the bed fucking me with abandon.  Then without warning she quit.  I’m tired…let’s get some sleep.  Remember, no touching.

She put on a night shirt then crawled in to bed.  I cleaned up then crawled in to my side of the bed making sure to basically sleep on the edge.  We were both asleep in no time.

Saturday was awesome!  See you back here later for the rest of the weekend.

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