Sneak preview…

After the play, dinner, and the bar we retired to our room and a bottle of champagne. 

My night started clamped & tied to a chair (see below) as MrsL alternately edged me then sat back on the bed and actually fingered herself…not to an orgasm…but she did play with herself very intensely!  She would take a sip of champagne, close her eyes then swirl a finger around her clit, up then down her labia, even gently probing inside herself with a couple of fingers. Soft moans and heavy breathing kept me completely lost in watching her. She would then look at me and smile seeing my face and cock light up watching her, slide to the edge of the bed, and stroke or suck me to the edge. This pattern repeated for awhile! Pleasuring herself was a FIRST for her!  In case you’re wondering…I have not shared my last story with her yet so there may be a spark smoldering inside her!  

Small binder clamps and tie down straps were very useful! 

This was the morning after. I lost track of time but I believe I was tied to that chair with the clamps in place for 45 minutes. 

MrsL had nearly two dozen orgasms between Friday morning and last…2 ruined and 1 full blown toe curling orgasm inside her that led to one mind blowing, back arching, wake up the people in the next room orgasm for her as I licked her clean!  That was the longest she has ever denied me, 77 days, and I don’t think she has any desire to go that long ever again. 

Stay tuned. I am editing the full details to make sure I don’t miss anything. 

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