No Touching…Evolved

So, since MrsL put the no touching rule in place things have evolved to a point that I think we both are so much more happy.  Don’t get too far ahead of me.  I am still not allowed to touch her breast or ass or pussy during the day without repercussions; however, when we are being playful there is a new dynamic!

In the past MrsL has, on occasion, used my hair or the leather cord holding the little lock I wear to guide me where she wants.  Whenever she would do this any doubt I had about submitting myself to her evaporated.  Knowing this, and sort of knowing we are both exploring and learning our roles, I tried something a few days ago that has now become some what of a rule.

As we were cuddling earlier this week, I got up on all fours beside her body all the while nibbling on her ears and neck (she loves that…just no bruises) or kissing her deeply (she really…I mean REALLY….loves intimate deep kissing).  I wanted to be a bit of a brat and see just how far she would let me go…so I nibbled down her neck then gently blew warm air over the nearest breast up to the nipple.  I stopped with my mouth open about and inch directly over that nipple breathing warm moist air .  She let me hang there for a minute or so then I felt her hand snaking up my back!

She traced a finger up my spine around to my ear then played with that ear for a few seconds before walking her fingers up to the top back of my head.  With slow gentle pressure she pushed my open mouth down onto her perky firm nipple.  Both of us let out ecstatic moans of pleasure simultaneously.  I added to her pleasure by reaching my hands underneath her with one massaging the arch of her back and the other massaging between her shoulders.  It was exquisite.

After a few glorious minutes of sucking and nibbling on this breast I raised my head and blew warm air across her chest to put my mouth in the same position above the other.  This time, MrsL used my hair to hold my head in place as she playfully arched up toward my mouth never letting me get close enough to “latch on” until SHE was ready.  To say I lost myself in that moment would be a cruel understatement.

In my mind, at this point, I wanted to see if MrsL would do the same with a kiss.  Without speaking a word (she must be using Jedi mind tricks on me) I felt her hands lacing through the leather cord at the back of my neck.  Gently, I was pulled up from her breast and moved toward her mouth.  She brought me close enough that she could suck in my bottom lip to nibble on before letting the tension on the cord relax allowing me to kiss her deeply.  The hand that had been holding the cord  went to the back of my head and held me on her mouth as our tongues darted around each other.  My hands were still behind her back when I felt a finger trace down my arm.  I didn’t know what to expect.

After finding my wrist, MrsL gently pulled that hand from behind her back and agonizingly slowly slid it down her side.  As she guided it around her beautiful curves I realized what she had in mind….she placed my hand on top of her pussy!!!  Now, she has done that before maybe once or twice.  Since this little event…it is now a regular happening.

That night ended with her allowing me to finger and lick her as much as I wanted with one MAJOR RULE:  I was not allowed to take her over the edge to a full orgasm.  She wanted to be denied and it was fucking hot!

Since then, I no longer assume I have full access to her body.  Yes, I still put my mouth over her breast.  No, I am not always pushed down to enjoy her breast.  Last night, every time I found my mouth watering over her breast she would gently pull me back up to her mouth for a kiss.  She wanted to be teased again last night so after building her up to the edge of having an orgasm 7 or 8 times she finally told me Don’t stop until I say so.

Talk about taking control.  I fingered and licked her with abandon.  She finally pushed me off of her (kneeling at her feet to pleasure her is the best position) with both feet after six rapid fire strong orgasms.  I slithered up her body kissing from toes to just below her breast and was rewarded with having my mouth firmly placed on that breast.  We lay there for a few seconds then coiled up together and fell asleep.

I don’t know how long we will continue with this new “no touching unless I put you there rule.”  All I know is that it amped up the intimacy level 1000%!

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