The End of Innocence

How and when did I miss you becoming so sexually aware?  Damn I want to join you!!!

Those thoughts kept swirling through my mind as I took in the sights and sounds of your body as you lay on the bed gently thrusting your hips in the air before clenching them back down again on the hand that had disappeared under your body as soon as you lay down. Little did I know you had so  much more in store for my viewing pleasure this evening.

The day had ended like many others.  I had been out of town and we had many playful and sexy FaceTime sessions all week long.  You kept hinting toward a grand surprise when I finally made it home that had the travel chastity cage constantly engaged in stopping erections.  The last comment you made to me last night: I am confident you will enjoy this weekend as much as I will…the only thing you will not be doing is having an orgasm…but how many will I have

Your eyes lit up like the Vegas strip when you added the emphasis to “I have” just before you ended the video call.  That night, I had to employ an ice cold wash cloth a couple of times from the strength of the nocturnal erections as my mind raced through sexy dream after sexy dream of the two of us together…me between your legs giving you all of the pleasure you could handle.

The flight home was almost unbearable.  Delays. Crazy passengers. Traffic once I finally made it to my car.  You not answering my phone calls but instead sending me one text: See you soon!

As I rushed in the door I was met with a note taped to the garage door:

My sexy knight,

You are to strip naked where you stand and replace the travel cage with my Steelheart.  Once you have my Steelheart in place you are to put on the ankle and wrist cuffs, the collar, and text me you are ready just before you put on the blindfold.  Once you have sent me the text you are to kneel face down on the floor and wait.  I’ll be down to get you when I am ready.  Oh, if you utter one word the remainder of the night everything ends.   

Love…Your Princess

Needless to say, you knew I would have a difficult time getting the Steelheart on because you set out a bowl full of ice.  I was a bit intimidated by the collar you laid out.  It was new and definitely did not allow for any movement of my head once in place.  I flinched each time I snapped one of the three locks in place not knowing exactly what you had in mind for the evening.  Once I was properly prepared and the text was sent I assumed the child’s pose on the floor and waited.

The first sensation I felt was one of your feet brushing up and down my arm with a request…well more of a gently command…to raise my head up enough so you had access to my mouth for your feet. For the next few minutes, I basked in the glory of nibbling on toes, licking up the tops and bottoms of your feet as you would turn around and ensure I had access to your soles.

After several minutes of worshipping your soft sexy feet I felt a hand under my chin and heard a click.  You had attached me to a leash…which was knew for you.  The last time I brought home a leash and collar you said you would never use it on me because I was not a dog.  I just knew this moment would never happen but here I was being led through the house blindfolded with my hands securely locked behind my back…having been locked there when you stood me up.  My mind was awash in possibilities.

When we arrived in our bedroom I was attached to the X cross on bathroom door just after you locked my ankles in the impaler spreader bar quickly followed by the large dildo being gently thrust inside me.  I was in your most favorite position at this point…spread eagled and anchored to myself with a dildo attached to my ankles.

A few minutes of gentle tickling led to a few minutes of playful nipple play which led to a sudden lack of any touch from you.  As I was standing there during that pause, I wanted so much to simply say your name…to see if you were still in the room…you had vanished.

Then I felt you pressing up against my body.  Your nakedness was cool on my skin.  I felt the moisture in your gentle breath against my neck as you whispered: I hope you enjoy what you are about to see…

The blindfold was removed.  It took a second for my eyes to adjust to the soft glow of the candlelit room and even though you only had to walk 5 feet over to the bed you accentuated each step with a pop of your hip.  Then it began.

You crawled on to the bed in a sexy little child’s pose of your own. Spreading your legs wide to expose your already shaven wet pussy, my eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw YOUR hand reach through and a single finger began tracing the outer edge of your labia! Of course the Steelheart bit hard into my balls as it stifled an erection.

I bit my tongue knowing that if I uttered a sound you would stop. 

Growing up in a strict catholic household and attending private schools, it had been drilled into your psyche that masturbation was a sin. Over the years of our marriage, we had worked on reprogramming this belief. My mind was screaming with encouragement and joy you had broken through that barrier.

After working yourself into a lather swirling and inserting fingers…you slowly lay down on top of your hand and began arching then clenching on your hand. It seemed like hours but you erupted with a long soulful moan as your body shuddered with the first of many orgasms.  

I just knew you were coming to release me after sliding off of the bed. But no!!!  You stopped just out of reach then laid down on the floor in front of me placing your feet on either side if the Steelheart. The posture collar prohibited me from looking down maximizing my frustration!

The gentle buzz of the vibrator echoed through the room. Don’t you wish you could see me cum again with my new best friend? But no…you will just have to listen.

Audible ooohs, aaahhss, and the occasional Yes caromed around the room as you rode the vibrator to many more orgasms! Each time you climaxed your feet massaged my balls until the last time you screamed I was repeating “close” louder and louder to no avail. 

My swollen cock erupted inside the steel with cum oozing out all over your feet as your body convulsed with a strong orgasm. The sounds were exquisitely erotic then silence other than you moving around. Standing up, you presented me with both of your hands covered in my cum. Open up my knight! 

After cleaning your hands of my cum you released me and then crawled in bed. As I laid down beside you I thanked you multiple times before a finger went up to my lips.

Quiet down and get some sleep. We may do this all over again later. 

You fell asleep on my shoulder your breath softly flowing down my body. I lay there basking in the memories of the evening before drifting off to sleep myself.

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