The Awakening

MrsL has been extremely horny as of late.  It is as if there has been an awakening inside her soul to the point where she craves intimacy and sex all of the time.  Of course, what makes it all the more special for me is being locked in her Steelheart!

So, the “hands off” until our anniversary next weekend came to a wonderful end for both of us when I got home from my trip Friday morning.  Okay, let me restate that…it came to an end for her all day Friday…for me I didn’t get to touch her sexually until late Friday night and then I was still DENIED giving her an orgasm.  Begging and pleading with her to “not deny herself” was always met with sexy little laughter.  Oh, you probably want a few details…?

Once again, she met me at the door when I walked in.  I had stopped and grabbed lunch for both of us and after that was consumed my pants were removed and MrsL stroked and sucked the penis for several minutes before sending me off to get on my conference call.  Of course, when I tried to hug her and let my hands slide down her ass I was rewarded with a double handed slap to my bare ass cheeks and a warning: Next Saturday can certainly NOT be the end of hands off…don’t do that again.

I remained unlocked the remainder of the day. Around 4:30, MrsL came up to take a shower while I was on a marathon conference call. Thankfully, I don’t have much input on these calls and keep my Bluetooth muted.

Walking out with just her bath wrap on carrying socks and her foot cream. As she sat the foot cream and socks down on my desk she inquired quietly if I was still on my call and if so was my phone muted. I shook my head yes to both. Then the fun started.

Turning my chair to the side, MrsL laid down to the side of my desk propping both feet up on a leg exposing her freshly shaved clean pussy! As I put the foot cream and sick on one foot she used the other to massage the penis through my sweats (chilly day so I was allowed to wear sweats…no underwear). It was so difficult focusing on the call…and…I heard my boss calling my name then commenting I must have dropped. I deftly took the Bluetooth off mute and apologized for not answering. I swiftly muted again once finished.

Thankfully, I wasn’t called on a second time. Once both of MrsL’s feet were properly lotioned and covered in socks she turned her direct attention to teasing me in earnest.  Whoever invented the mute function is a saint! Ripping open her wrap, MrsL stood in front of me and grinned widely before putting her hands on the waistband of my sweats and ripping them off. My t-shirt was next. 

Locating my little bin with binder clips, MrsL rather eloquently applied a series of the smallest ones across my chest. One was placed on either side of a nipple forcing just the very tip to jut out begging for attention. Of course, they both got the attention they were seeking. At about this point the call ended. The penis was rock hard by now…which is just what she wanted. She sucked and stroked me to the edge four or five times…daring me to cum. Then as abruptly as it started…MrsL hopped up and sached back to our bedroom with a flirtatious little look over her shoulder. Damn!

The rest of the weekend went very much the same. I guess I need to focus on work now. I will keep writing later this afternoon!

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