My Boys

I have to write about my boys every now and again. Both have made me very proud of late!

26 and his roommate got moved in over the last weekend. MrsL and I went down on Sunday to help out a bit, at his request. It was good seeing him and recognize his quick & efficient handling of having to move on such short notice. I told him how great it was seeing him taking ownership and turning lemons into lemonade. 

He and his girlfriend have separated and she is moving in with a mutual friend. He has a tough time with conflict but has done a really good job communicating with her on the “why” of wanting to separate. If she had not had the miscarriage they were committed to working through their issues. I guess all things happen for a reason.  Again, it was rewarding to see this progress and acknowledge it.

He has used in the past month and admitted it to us; however, he is recommitted to sobriety doing what he needs to do and we thanked him for his honesty and desire to stay clean.  

21 is back in his little corner of the world at school. We don’t hear from him much but know he is doing what he needs to get where he wants. He is applying for, at least I hope he is because he says so, summer internships in his degree field, Information Technology. The only draw back is the internships he is applying to are all over near his university 3 hours away.  MrsL isn’t happy about that but knows we have family near there if needed and it will be good for him to have some real world experience. 

He continues with Dean’s list performances each semester and has really come into his own. The soft spoken shy little boy is growing into a young man that isn’t afraid to speak up for what he wants, enjoys life (without alcohol), and has found a core group of friends. 

I know it is not the same as talking to them but I do send both of them text messages every day letting them know I’m proud to be their Dad and how much I love them. When they do something good…I let them know.  It may not be much to them but it helps me feel connected to them. 

Being a Dad is the most challenging yet rewarding part of my life!

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