Teasing to the Extreme

As promised, here are the sexy salacious happenings from the home front this weekend.

I’ve chronicled the welcome home Thursday evening. MrsL kept up Her blistering pace of teasing and frustrating me all weekend. 

Friday was relatively calm. I was on calls most of the day. Being in the Steelheart, MrsL would swing by my desk about once an hour to run her hands over my chest down to the steel and fondle my balls. Needless to say the steel bit hard every time effectively stifling the erection. She would ensure the trapped erection was throbbing then seductively walk away. That night we cooked dinner together me completely naked, except for a chef’s apron, and her wearing my favorite cotton pj’s. Those pj’s lovingly accentuates every delicious curve on her body. Even though she hates thongs, these pj’s sort of creep up like a thong separating and lifting her ass cheeks enough to always drive me wild. I massaged her feet after we ate and then we went to bed.

Saturday was leisurely. We were invited to a friend’s housewarming later that night and 26 and his roommate were moving  all day. I let MrsL sleep until she woke up on her own (around 11:45 am) and I got lost in my XBox. I’m currently playing Gears of War 4 and have Dishonored 2 and Call of Duty Infinite War on deck. The afternoon was uneventful until shower time. As I was showering, MrsL stood outside the shower door and pressed her breast against the door. Something new for sure for her. 

We headed out to our friends house for the party, me locked in steel and her in her skin tight jeans, purple blouse accenting her bosom,  key pendant (not the actual key but the Open Heart collection key pendant I got her for Christmas), her black leather boots. Being in a house full of NASCAR mechanics, engineers, and other staffers is always fun. I kept pointing out hot guys she should flirt with and she kept telling me Be careful what you wish for…!  Now, do I think she would ever actually flirt with let alone have a physical encounter with another man…probably not. However she indulges me pointing them out. 

Once at home, we watched a little tv (well she did and I dozed after consuming a bottle of Malbec). I woke up to her playing with the Steelheart and was sent off to bed. She came up shortly after since we promised 26 we would come down and help them finish. Other than some hot passionate kissing we cuddled and she fell asleep lying on my chest holding the Steelheart. I crave that feeling!

Sunday night, after getting home, MrsL cut my hair and sent me off to shower. MrsL followed me upstairs surprising me by unlocking the Steelheart before I showered. I want to play later. I’m watching you shower so you don’t spend TOO much time soaping up my cock & balls.  Damn! So HOT!

After dinner and her training webinar, MrsL walked in the family room, stood in front of me, ordered me to strip and put up the door restraints, then text her just before getting 3/4 secured to the X cross. She walked in and went right to her toy box where she acquired the small blue clamps, the Wartonburg Pinwheel, the small leather crop, and some rubberized large twist ties. I was then asked, yes asked, where I wanted each of those items used. Of course if she didn’t like the answer she put them where she wanted. Nipples clamped. Cock and balls neatly wrapped and trussed leaving only the head exposed for her teasing, and the pinwheel was used over my entire body. She took great pleasure sitting in front of my naked exposed body sucking the plump purple head of the penis in her mouth until I was screaming close loud enough to alert the neighbors! Each time she would stop and wait for the pre cum to ooze onto her hand before sticking her fingers in my mouth to clean.

When she edged me for the 10th time she got bored and the evil Queen took over. There was no more “playful sexual pain”. She looked at me and asked if I remembered asking her test my masochistic limits. I sheepishly squeaked “Yes Princess” garnering an awfully heart shuddering smile forming on her mouth. 

The clamps were removed, turned 1/4 turn and reattached. If you have ever experienced this you know just how excruciating it is! If you haven’t…well let me try and explain. Imagine…no never mind. Needless to say it is a jolt and there is no amount of preparation to be done to ease the shock and pain that courses through your body. Just as I was letting the pain wash through me and had my eyes open…she turned each one a 1/4 turn again starting the process all over again. I learned a bit about my boundaries last night. Just as I was about to utter how close I was through clenched teeth she took them off. 

Clean up and crawl in bed…I’ll be up soon.

Once in bed, she gently massaged each nipple causing an instant erection then told me she wanted her hard cock inside her. I was more than happy to dive into her warm wet pussy. I fucked her, there was no “making love,” with abandon. I am amazed at how long I went and even got a little rough causing her head to bang into the headboard causing both of us to laugh…I didn’t even lose the hard on. 

Something came over me, I wanted to cum so badly and started begging. MrsL got great pleasure telling me no…several times! She even laughed once as she was saying no. I wanted to cum BUT I wanted to hear her say no more. When I finally asked to give her orgasms it happened:

Make them awesome because after I say stop I am hands off and you will not be able to give me an orgasm until you are cleaning your cum out of me. We will both be chaste for two weeks. 

I begged and pleaded to not make herself off limits to the point she threatened to send me to the garage for a spanking. 

I slid down her body and licked, sucked, and nibbled her to at least a dozen orgasms before she wrapped her legs around my head holding me in place. We curled up and were both asleep in no time. Great night. 

This morning she reinforced her direction by not even letting my hand rest on her ass as we huggged. Thankfully, I am out of town all week and 21 is coming in this weekend for the last ever showing of the Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey Circus in our hometown. He has never been to the circus and we insisted he come home for the performance. Will I be tempted, hell yeah. Will it be worth the wait? Oh Hell Yeah!

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