My Body Rebels

So, after 12 straight days of the Steelheart and EvotionWearables cages (18 out of the last 21) my body rebelled yesterday. To be fair, there had been a hell of a lot of teasing and CBT over the weekend that might have contributed as well (safe CBT as MrsL doesn’t like being too rough). In short, trying to get both testicles through the base ring this morning, even with an ice pack for a few minutes…painful. Scar tissue around the clip from the decades old vasectomy swelled up and refused to play nice. 

The result, I’m heading out on a trip uncaged. 

The most interesting part, and I’ll write a more detailed post later tonight, MrsL has  mandated no more intimate contact between us until AT LEAST our anniversary in two weeks! I will be traveling for most of this time but not being able to give her orgasms over the weekend will drive me crazy. Hell, she wouldn’t even let me caress her gorgeous ass while hugging her goodbye this morning! 

It is going to be interesting!

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