Home Frustrating Home

So last night was epic! I felt as if MrsL had something planned based on her hints to not take any detours coming home. I’m glad I didn’t!

As I walked in through the pantry I heard her recliner pop shut and she came bounding over toward me in my favorite jeans, blouse, and boots! From that moment on she was in charge.

She pulled me in close to her and whispered in my ear: You are mine…

She began nibbling on my ear and neck as her hands moved over my body and she purred audibly as her hands found the purple travel cage trapped in my slacks. While she continued kissing and bubbling, MrsL began systematically and rather emphatically began undressing me. She ripped off my jacket and nearly popped a couple of buttons off my shirt getting it open.  Standing back a bit she ripped off my belt and forcefully forced my slacks and underwear down…lifting a booted foot up to push the clothing down to the floor! 

Once exposed, MrsL commented on how her cock was so beautifully trapped and was a gorgeous shade of purple matching the cage. I stood there, body shuddering, as she instructed me to not break eye contact as she caressed the exposed bulging head with one hand while cupping her balls rubbing a thumb back and forth.

To add a bit more intensity she took turns biting each nipple…her hands never ceasing their glorious attention to the raging trapped erection.  She looked around to select her small kitchen shears then:

Follow me.

Using the cage as a lead, I waddled behind her trying not to trip over my pants acting like ankle cuffs. Let me tell you…getting up all 15 stairs would have made a great Americas Funniest Video clip…! 

Once in our room, Strip and stand in front of me!

She deftly found the right angle and force to snap the locking tab then told me to take it off then come back and stand in front of her.

She kissed me deeply and furiously once I got back before laying back on the bed:

Boots! Sticking one leg up at a time I removed her boots.

Socks and worship each foot until I tell you to stop! Yes!!!!  It took about 20 minutes to get both of her socks off! 

Sitting up on the side of the bed: Blouse and bra but you don’t get to touch my breast…yet!

Finally…Jeans and panties!

Once she was completely naked she reached down and made sure her cock was still hard before laying back on the bed.  I surged forward and was met with a foot in the chest: Not yet my love.

She lay back on the bed, spread her legs, and ran her hands up her thighs glancing over her visibly wet pussy.

You can enter me with that big hard cock. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO CUM! 

The next few minutes were a blur of burying myself deep inside her, relishing in the feel of her body gripping & releasing the cock with her pussy, and her fingers massaging & squeezing my nipples. After edging myself 5 times I started begging to give her orgasms with my tongue. As I think about it now, her reply exuded confidence and control. She told me to stop thrusting into her and look at her:

I will let you decide when you want to stop being inside me and locked back in Steel. Your choice. You know you are not getting an orgasm. I can and will have my orgasms whenever I want. 

She laid back and smiled as I began kissing down her body.

Sucking up her honey, I drove my tongue in as deeply in her pussy as possible and began lapping up and over her fully engorged clit.  Her body erupted in a series of beautifully powerful orgasms in short order…each one producing even more of her feminine honey. 

Remarkably, I was still three quarters erect and in between her first and second orgasms I stood up and thrusted inside her thus getting the reward of feeling her orgasm with the penis. Fantastic!

When MrsL was done she sat up on the bed to inform me she would be waiting downstairs to lock her Steelheart. She grabbed a nightshirt and walked out of the room.

When I finally got downstairs, Steelheart on with the key in the lock waiting to be turned, she smiled and simply said: You’re welcome!

If coming home gets any more awesome, I may just have to travel every week!

3 thoughts on “Home Frustrating Home

    1. Not really. I do write her erotic stories that are, as I told her, a glimpse into my kinky mind. Does she read something on the side…? Maybe…but probably not.

      A lot of it she, admittedly, goes with where her mind takes her once she starts.

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