People Watching

Being back out on the road allows me to indulge in one of my all time favorite hobbies: people watching. Now don’t get me wrong, my motives are purely personal. I like to practice describing what I see in my private journal to practice my writing skills. And…yeah…it is also to make the time go by faster and and envision being completely dominated by both hot men and women.

For example, and this wasn’t during travel per se, last Saturday night we took 21 out for his birthday a few weeks late. MrsL and I took the side of the booth facing the door and I got the outside…lefty/righty thing. Our booth was on the main walkway into the restaurant. Over a span of about 5 minutes two absolute STUDS came into the restaurant with their wife’s and kids. The first guy had on Addidas running pants that did nothing but accentuate his massive cock. I could even tell he was definitely circumcised. He was probably in his mid to late 30’s, perfectly styled jet black hair, square cut firm jaw, and filled out his matching Addidas shirt magnificently. His wife was trailing behind him with their 4 kids in between the both of them. Obviously, she enjoyed that monster. We met eyes as I was scanning up his body, the Steelheart filling rapidly, and he just smiled. 

The second husband came in with his wife and 9 month old. He was just in some generic baggy sweats and, if I had to guess, was 100% commando as his gorgeous cock swayed feeely back & forth.  

If 21 had not been with us I think I might have tossed out a casual comment to MrsL about her enjoying either of them. I did ask her, as we were cuddling in bed talking, if she noticed either of them during dinner and after getting that WTF look off of her face she said no. She did eventually ask me why I noticed. I simply said you couldn’t miss them. Sheepishly, I asked if she ever wondered what a big cock would feel like…and was met with silence. She finally said no and left it at that. However, she did think about it for a few seconds.

But I digress.

I am amazed at the number of men, of all ages, who wear slides/flip-flops/sandals with everything…in any weather. Now it wasn’t really cold in Baltimore today but it was cold enough that I wouldn’t have wanted to be in slides myself. There was such an eclectic mix of ages and attire for this phenomenon yesterday at BWI: young boys and teens with their over the calf sports socks (Under Armor the most prevalent), 20 somethings with flip flops, jeans, and hoodies (still in college mode I guess), and the older dudes (most looked like throwback hippies) in their Birkenstocks (we called them Sweet Jesus sandals) and wool socks. 

Of course there were the mandatory Crocs of all colors. I am sorry plastic sandals with heel straps and fake fur just aren’t becoming on a guy.

As the passengers from my plane were exiting…it happened…the 60 something dude, business attire, single pierced ear…AND a full MULLET! I am sorry but I had to cover my face to her from laughing out loud. I’m not sure what he was in town for or if he had ever flown before. All I do know is a handful of teens went up to him and asked for selfies. This guy knew why too because he kept his faces turned to his profile showing off his grey mane. He was a great sport and chatted with each one for a few seconds each. He’s probably worn his hair in that fashion for 30-40 years. He was definitely business up front and party in the back!

Well, it is time to board and get my one hour nap. Thanks for reading!

NOTE: I thought this uploaded yesterday. Alas, it didn’t…do it went out today!

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