New Toy…New Fun

Last week MrsL lamented the fact that the only way she had to effectively restrain me was our trusted under the bed steps. Of course that was my cue to find other ways for her to have fun with me. Sunday afternoon she had to work so I visited our local Adam & Eve store. 

Don’t get me wrong, if we had a basement or some other lockable room I would by something a bit more sturdy. However, since we still have adult kids who come home and the specter of grandkids at some point in the future I went with the best option available. 

NOTE: I tried to find a more appropriate photo to use because I would never, without her permission, put MrsL in this. This is simply the link to what I bought.

When she came home I gave her a foot massage as she told me about her show. She sales name brand home based kitchen gear and does a wonderful job doing so. She had a thousand dollar show Sunday and was in a spectacular mood. I couldn’t help but smile as she recounted the night as I made sure her feet felt great. 

Since I had two final test Monday morning, I trotted off to bed, or so she thought, around 11. I had already put the cross on the closet door so all I had to do was get out her toy box then invite her to come see her surprise. 

I sent her this text message:

and put on the cuffs and ball gag and anchored both ankles and one wrist to the cross and waited…and not too long…!

She walked in finding me almost immobile and smiled broadly:

I was immediately thinking you used your other new toy, the old fashioned enema, but I like this toy even better.

She quickly locked the other wrist in place forming the upright X she wanted. 

Sauntering over to her toy box, MrsL made a tantalizing awesome show bending over to retrieve her blue clamps…her toys of choice right now. Spreading her legs wide and seductively bending over she swayed back and forth glancing between her legs to tempt me. As she stood up, she let the clamps slide up her thighs and over her crotch causing the Steelheart to fill up quickly and viciously. She took her time floating back across the room all the while the cute playful smile morphed into that delicious evil grin.

Applying the smaller clamps on the nipple sent a surge through my entire body creating a spasm in the penis making the Steelheart bounce a bit. 

Well that certainly got a reaction. Let’s see what happens when I add these.

The larger clamps were then latched on to each pectoral muscle. A deep throated moan escaped through the ball gag eliciting that intoxicatingly seductive laugh MrsL possesses. 

I really like this toy!

She played with each of the four clamps individually for a few minutes before bringing out her new feather. The contrast of rather enjoyable pain blending with the softness of her feather on my screaming chest was maddening. However, after just a few minutes she removed the clamps stating she didn’t want to leave marks on my chest since one of my test required me to be shirtless. However, her fun was just beginning.

She sat down on the floor in front of my restrained body and began to fondle my balls. Watching her caress and nibble and lick my balls as she looked up at me with that knowing  look of You’re not going to cum tonight made this even more frustrating…and I LOVED IT!

She went from focusing on the balls to licking the only exposed portion of the penis available…the slit bulging through the end of the steel. She would lick then look at me smiling then open her mouth and put the end of the Steelheart just inside then set back and watch as it jumped around from the violent attempts to break free. Her laughs were incredibly seductive.

When she got up and walked to the nightstand where she keeps the key my heart raced. MrsL took her time unlocking and removing the tube all the while leaving the base ring in place. 

She retrieved a wash cloth and gently “cleaned” off HER (she reclaimed the penis and balls at this point) cock and balls then set about repeating the whole teasing process again. She finished the tease by licking the entire length of the rigid shaft before swallowing the penis down to the base…she even fought off a little gag reflex to get all of it. Flicking her tongue back and forth, she slowly slid the penis out of her mouth which had me grunting CLOSE, CLOSE, CLOSE through the ball gag.

After edging me in this manner 3 times, she unlatched my feet then licked up my chest as she stood up to unlatch my wrist. 

You can stay out tonight and lock my Steelheart back in place as soon as you get home from your test. Don’t let me catch you playing with my cock and balls.

With that she crawled into bed. I snuggled up to her after I calmed down enough to remove the base ring and asked to give her an orgasm.

Nope, you need your sleep. You can hug me but cannot touch my breast or pussy. Good night! 

She is so awesome. 

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