The Kink Strikes Back part 2

Where did I leave off…oh yeah…Friday night.  The remainder of the weekend, even with the sadness of losing the future grandchild, was full of kinky fun and surprises.

Saturday was, generally, a lazy day around the house.  I actually slept in until 9:30 a.m., very out of the ordinary for me.  As we woke up and MrsL began teasing me a bit I felt that familiar twinge of a hot spot directly under the base ring on my left side.  After a brief inspection, we both determined it was just an ingrown hair…but…later in the day we both realized it wasn’t.  (Brief sidebar:  I didn’t adjust the “gap” on the Steelheart…I don’t think it was even an options…!  What I am learning now that the EvotionWearables device is perfectly fitted is that “gap” is important.  You see, I added 1mm of space in that gap for the EvotionWearables cage and that little hotspot…even with the strongest nighttime erection never materialized.  More on that in the comparison post in a few days).  Now where was I…oh yeah…!  After giving MrsL three great orgasms with my fingers and tongue she had me kneel in front of her as she sat on the side of the bed:

I want you to clean yourself out today before we go to the nail place and movies…when we get home I am going to fuck you until you beg me to stop.

She got up and walked out of the room carrying her pajamas with her. I was a hot mess and the Steelheart was throttling an erection.  After lunch, MrsL snuck up from behind as I was cleaning up the few dishes, wrapped her arms around me, and whispered in my ear…Now would be a good time to get ready for tonight…if you know what I mean?  I bolted upstairs to get ready for her assistance.  I never thought having her administer an enema to me would be arousing…I was wrong.  Needless to say…I was clean and ready for the evening.

As we were getting ready for date night, MrsL inspected that spot again and decided to unlock me for the evening.  She said while it looked like an ingrown hair she was going to err on the side of caution because she didn’t want me leaving the house Tuesday without being locked up.  So I got to go get my pedicure and the movie sans the Steelheart.  Unfortunately, the theater was full and MrsL was discreetly texting with 26’s girlfriend so nothing fun happened at the movies.

Once we got home, after being told by 26 they had lost the baby, neither of us were in the mood for anything erotic.  We sat on the couch for awhile then went to bed and simply hugged each other.  She told me that she would give me a good “pegging” soon.  I think we both needed the cuddling.  Right as I was dozing off, I felt her hand snaking down my body to the rapidly stiffening penis.  She edged me four or five times before giving me a kiss then rolling over to go to sleep.  We had to be up early to have 26’s girlfriend at the hospital for her D&E procedure.

On the way home, the kinky playful side of MrsL showed up in a big way.  She outlined what was going to take place the remainder of the evening in a matter of fact voice almost daring me to say anything.  There was a lot of “You will….” and “I expect…”  It was all so alluring and erotic.  Remember, the penis was uncaged and since I was wearing sweats she could see how her commands were impacting my body.  She giggled then:  If you are lucky, that big hard cock might get to go inside me tonight…just understand one thing…YOU WILL NOT HAVE AN ORGASM…and if you do…well…you just will not…UNDERSTAND. 

What was I supposed to say other than, “Yes Princess.”

As I walked in the door, I stripped as I had been told, then immediately went upstairs to prepare the room for her:  unlocking her toy box, putting on the ankle & wrist cuffs, laying out the power box and attachments for the electric play kit, then I got brave.  I asked via text message if I could wait on her in time out and received NO back in seconds flat followed by: that request is going to be very painful.  So I laid down on the bed as I had been instructed and waited.

As she came in, I was instantly secured spread-eagled to the bed.  Tonight, no blindfold…I want to see your face clearly as I use your body for my pleasure. Oh, I didn’t want the closet to make your nipples sore…I wanted to do that myself.

Walking over to the toy box, MrsL picked up both the large and small blue clamps.  Her smile when she looked at me, my eyes had widened and I am sure there was a look of sheer terror on my face, was delicious.  This is exactly why I didn’t want to blindfold you.  The look on your face is making me wet. 

The large clamps were placed on each pectoral muscle (note they are still just a bit sore as I write this a week later) and flicked back and forth ensuring they each had a good bite.  These clamps force the nipple up and firm and taut…almost as if begging for attention.  Each nipple then received one of the little blue clamps.  As each one closed on its target, a wave of intense pain raced through my body.  Once again, each little clamp was flicked back and forth after being latched on to a nipple to ensure it had a sufficient bite.

I closed my eyes trying to find sub space so the pain would roll through me. MrsL sensed I was trying to slip in to that special place where I could endure those clamps for several minutes and made sure I didn’t get there….!


The inside of my thighs erupted as her palm print began burning on to my skin.  She had viciously smacked the inside of each thigh in quick succession.  I don’t know where your mind was going…but you are staying right here with me….


Another smack on the exact same spot for each thigh.  Of course, each smack caused the clamps to wriggle gently…sending rivers of pain screaming through my body.  The penis was twitching wildly and the minor tremors deep in my balls signaling an oncoming orgasm became stronger.  Those are for asking me for time out. 

“Princess….your clamps are about to….”

You DO NOT have permission to cum and if you do your night is over.

“I understand Princess….but…”

With that, MrsL decided to stop the tremors and removed the clamps.  That action in and of itself nearly caused me to erupt; however, I was able to clench every muscle below my waist and just had a dribble of pre cum ooze out.  She promptly wiped it all up on her fingers and stuck them in my mouth.

The next few minutes were full of electro play on my balls, groin, nipples, and abs.  She asked me if there were “better” kits to play with and I gleefully said Yes.  She TOLD me to find a better electro play kit so I am looking for suggestions. 

Then the most incredible thing happened.  MrsL grabbed the vibrator and began exploring its use on the balls and penis.  Ultimately she found that the area just below the piercing on the underside of the shaft at medium intensity had me writhing and bucking against my restraints like a madman.  She informed me afterwards, the ball of the barbell would rotate inside the head of the penis and when that happened my bucking became more intense.  She had me screaming CLOSE, probably a dozen times, before she stopped.  Each time, she would put the vibrator back in that sweet spot after shorter breaks.  Each time, she dared me to cum.  It was sexual frustration to the max…and I WANTED MORE.

When she finished playing, she had me edge myself by making love to her all the while forbidding me an orgasm.  At one point, she simply had me bury myself inside her and she fired her pussy wrapping it around the penis.  I can count on one hand the number of times she has had an orgasm with me inside her…and when she asked me to finish her with my tongue…I knew she was close but couldn’t get over the finish line.  MrsL had 6 orgasms within a matter of about 5 minutes once I started licking her.  Damn did she taste good and feeling her pussy latch on to my tongue was pure bliss.

Afterwards, she collapsed on my chest holding the penis in her hand.  What a great night.

The teasing continued all day Monday since I was unlocked and readily accessible.  It culminated Monday after work.  She came upstairs and confidently walked over to my desk spinning my chair around so she had access to my crotch.  I had on sweats because it was a bit cool and she ripped them down off of me before asking if my day was done.  It was sexy!

MrsL proceeded to nibble, suck, and stroke the penis for about 20 minutes.  I don’t know if she stumbled on this technique by accident or if she read about it somewhere…but…she started just doing “upstrokes” on the shaft.  She held the shaft against an open palm of her right hand then using the open palm of her left hand pressed the edge of her hand into the base then firmly and slowly, with nothing but her left palm, stroked upward.

I felt like my eyes were going to pop out of my head.  The look on her face was exquisite as she said:  Wow, what did I just do to get that response?  Then she did the exact same thing again…using the oozing pre cum as lubricant.  Again, I could feel my face light up like the Vegas strip and I arched my back toward her.  Her sultry laugh spoke volumes.

I like it when I discover new ways to tease you.  I haven’t seen you react like that in a long time. You looked like a kid on Christmas morning. 

That upstroke only was powerful.  Of course, there was no orgasm and she made me lick her hand clean from all of the pre cum.  She commented she would remember that little trick then informed me we had work to do…i.e. putting all of the decorations back in the attic.

Thus ended our fun sexy weekend.  At her direction, I locked on the EvotionWearable cage Tuesday morning and left her SnapChat pictures of it locked on before heading to the airport.

It has now been 57 days since my last orgasm.  Even though she keeps saying I “may” get an orgasm on our anniversary…I think it may not happen.  She asked me this morning how many days it will be on our anniversary and when I told her it would be 77 she thought for a moment before coyly replying:

Well what is another 13 to get to 90….or another 23 to get to 100…huh? 

It is going to be a great year!!!

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