Safe & Secure Travel

I’m glad to be back out on the road. I was really getting stir crazy between 2.5 weeks of vacation then a week of medical issues. However, the one notable difference…

Travel chastity!

The EvotionWearables cage is comfortable and fitted fantastically. The final tweak, which took nearly 2 months due to a minor flaw in the coated base ring, arrived just as I was finishing up 2016. After a test run for the better part of 18 hours last week, I locked it on Tuesday morning. MrsL had removed the Steelheart Saturday due to a little “hot spot” and she wanted to play all weekend unencumbered  by steel.  It has been an issue free week. 

A few notable points:

  1. The 3D printed and coated base ring almost becomes physically invisible during the day. Those nasty night time attempted erections are, dare I say, a non issue. Yes, they woke me up a couple of times; however, simply throwing off the covers to the cook room calmed things down so I could fall back asleep.
  2. The material holds things in place securely. Unlike the Steelheart, when there is an attempted erection this cage does not get pushed away from my body. It truly stops the attempt. 
  3. Standing to pee is not an issue. The integrated PA “pin” focuses the stream. I do have to ensure I’m relaxed but I’ve been in and out of restrooms all week.

The only real drawback…it is 6 separate pieces: base ring, bottom tray with PA pin, two straps, top cage, and the integrated snap in lock. I plan on writing s detailed review in a week or two after a few more travel days in this cage. There are some definite pros & cons to both devices. 

Finally, MrsL and I had a great conversation the other night. We do better with tough topics over the phone…not sure why but we do.  I explained to her I had no issues with the new cage, so far, and how I truly wanted nothing more than making her happy. We talked about being more active, getting out of the house and being social, both getting in shape again, and how much it felt RIGHT submitting myself to her. I told her how much it felt RIGHT seeing, hearing, feeling her body react to my touch…my tongue…and how I got more sexual gratification when I held her quivering clit in my mouth as orgasm after orgasm roared through her body…feeling her pussy clinch around my fingers or tongue tongue…I could hear her getting wet over the phone.

I even got up the courage to bring up social “chastity” groups. She didn’t out right rule them out but said it would take her some time to process it. She did ask if I wanted to go to one without her…I have initially said I wouldn’t do that! We are a couple and we do everything together.  As the conversation was waining, her timing is always impeccable, she said:

So you are not having any issues with rubbing or chafing or hot spots, huh? I guess my plan…no my dream…for full time chastity for you is about to become real…(cute evil laugh). I think you can count on cutting your orgasms in half from last year. Goodnight my love. Sweet Dreams.

I didn’t even get to respond. She disconnected the call as soon as the word dreams past her lips. I haven’t written about numbers for 2016 yet…lets just say cutting my orgasms in half would mean roughly one every 30 days…in other words one a month. She figured out how to use her Aneros device Sunday so…it is going to be an interesting year! 

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