The Kink Strikes Back

The first two weeks of 2017 have been a roller coaster. However; there has been one part of the ride that has been stunningly and frustratingly awesome. The kink had subsided during the holidays…now…IT’S BACK!!  Even though we have been through a lot in the few short days of the year, MrsL and I are experiencing an intimate connection like never before.

I guess the first thing I need to talk about is the return of actual enforced chastity. On the Monday after all of my medical issues, MrsL surprised me by informing me that it was time to put her Steelheart back on immediately after an hour-long session which left me leaking, horny, and extremely happy. Of course my fun was just beginning…she pulled my hair and planted my mouth on her wet dripping pussy. She received 4 strong pulsing orgasms before pulling me back up on the bed. 

As we were cuddling, I brought up how we don’t “set dates” and she truly chooses the date of my orgasms without any input from me. Then I asked if I could tell her something to which she said yes. I mentioned how our anniversary was a few weeks away and if she chose to make me wait until then it would be the longest I’ve ever been denied an orgasm. Her reply was awesome: You’re right I don’t set dates. I will consider it. Now go put on my Steelheart! 

I wasn’t sure if she meant right then so I snuggled in to her back. MrsL abruptly turned and I could feel her glare. Did I not make myself clear?  Needless to say, I had it on presenting it to her so she could lock it in record time. The next night as she was fondling her Steelheart encased penis, MrsL informed me since we don’t set dates I definitely would not be getting an orgasm for an anniversary present and she had not yet decided just how much past our anniversary it would be before I was granted one.!

The remainder of the week was spent with her teasing me and enjoying my body becoming fully in tune with chastity again. I am more ticklish. The slightest touch sends chills throughout my entire body. My desire to be out of the steel and inside her multiples like rabbits daily resulting in more massages, morning hair brushing, and intense orgasms for her! It is a great trade off!!

I broke in the EvotionWearables new base ring Friday and am happy to report no issues. As a matter of fact, I am in that device right now since I am in a hotel. My goal is to write a comparison post between the Steelheart and the EvotionWearables device soon. The new coated base ring which has a 1mm larger inside diameter makes this custom made device extremely comfortable. I switched back to the Steelheart as soon as I got home that afternoon. But I digress.

Friday night, MrsL received a long hot bubble bath complete with a sugar scrub for her feet and back and a soothing loofah treatment for the rest of her body. Afterwards, I was honored to give her a hot oil full body massage before we cuddled up…falling asleep arms and legs intertwined! So damn awesome. 

Saturday and Sunday were a blur. I’ll write about those days separately tomorrow. However, I’ll tease it a bit: spanking, bondage, new rules, electric play, pushing limits, and lots of teasing! Stay tuned…

On the muggle front, 26 and girlfriend are grieving but appear to be getting closer after the loss of their baby. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t afraid he will relapse because of this…so…all I can do is hope and realize he has the tools to cope with these feelings. I hope he uses them. 

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