Locked & Happy

Early this morning, MrsL woke up horny and well kind of in Keyholder mode. After edging me a dozen times with hands, feet, tongue, and teeth (biting my nipples sends me right to the edge…especially with just how strong she bites) she ordered me to go put on her Steelheart! After being locked in, I asked her if I could tell her something and she agreed.

Swallowing hard a couple of times I finally, very sheepishly said: “I know it is your decision to make but if I am forbidden an orgasm until our anniversary next month it will be the longest you have ever denied me (another hard swallow) by 14 days.” She covered my now constrained balls with one hand: You’re right it is MY decision. I will take it under consideration.  

I have been unlocked since November 24th and could not be more excited to be back in her Steelheart. This morning, after her wake up call orgasm, she told me to retrieve the emergency key. As I handed it to her she instructed me to look her eye to eye:

This key no longer exist while I am here. I will make it available when I am out of the house but that is it! 

A broad ecstatic smile took over my face and she smiled back…patting my balls as she did. 

I don’t have to travel again until at least the week of January 30th. Yeah!!!

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