Update #2

I would be lying if I didn’t say I was frustrated right now.  A kind of frustration no one ever wants to experience…not knowing what is going on with my body!

Even though the chest pains have subsided, the asthma/bronchitis/breathing issues are still lingering.  To add insult to injury I have attracted a head cold that I am sure will be a full blown sinus infection by tomorrow or Tuesday.  Not fun.

The good news, as I tweeted earlier, the cardiac interventionist (fancy name for a cardiac surgeon) who did my catheter told me there were no blockages, no build up of plaque, and my arteries looked good.  However, he asked me why I was on so many meds for pulmonary issues quickly followed by were they prescribed by a pulmonary specialist.  When I told him it was my primary care/family doctor he winced, noticeably, which gave me pause to be concerned.  He said he was going to recommend to my cardiologist a referral to a pulmonary specialist for further testing.

Then there was the whole echocardiogram (fancy word for heart ultrasound).  I was positioned on the table so I was staring directly at the monitor and could see everything the technician was doing and she noted and marked several things during the procedure.  When I asked her what she was doing she said, much to my surprise because they usually say something like the doctor has to read the results, “one of your valves is a little floppy but it wasn’t too bad”…yes she used the word floppy.  I asked if that was a bad thing and she said she would let the doctor talk to me about that!  What!  Tell me I have “floppy” heart valve and then cut off the flow of information.  She had another tech come in to do a “bubble test” where they injected bubbly saline in to my IV.   I don’t know the results of that portion yet.  When my cardiologist came in Wednesday morning before I was transported to the main campus for the catheter he said we would talk about the echocardiogram results at my follow up!!!  What…!  I guess it is not that bad?  It is damn sure frustrating!

Thursday morning I felt good when I woke up!  So good I thought I could, with the limited use of my right hand, clean up a bit.  Boy was I wrong!  I was passed out in the recliner in no time.  It took me until Friday to feel better again.

What’s next?  I follow up with the cardiologist Wednesday morning.  I assume there will be a referral to a pulmonary specialist and some discussion on the valve issue.  Stay tuned!

Thanks for all the well wishes on here and Twitter!

Oh, MrsL is taking full advantage.  I have been teased and edged about a dozen times since getting home.  She doesn’t think I should have an orgasm until all of the questions are answered by the doctors!!!  What!!!

5 thoughts on “Update #2

  1. I’m sorry that you have to go through all of this. If I could take away all you were going through, I would. MrsL, can we not let him have an orgasm?! Hehe, no I’m just kidding :p. You should most definitely be teased until all of your questions are answered ;).


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    1. Thank you! I will come out of this stronger, I’m sure.

      If it were my decision, I would not want an orgasm until our anniversary in 34 days…which would be the longest I have ever gone without one! That would be 75 days since my last. I could suggest it but she doesn’t like when I do. As she had said over and over again…”you will have an orgasm when I am ready for you to have one@

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