Update # 1

Well, I am still sitting in the hospital and have been scheduled for a cardiac catheter tomorrow. 

Last night was uneventful save for a few minor “aftershocks”; nothing that a tiny little nitro glycerin pill couldn’t handle. Of course, the side benefit of opening up all of my blood vessels couldn’t be taken advantage of…LOL! Any touch by MrsL within an hour of taking the nitro produced an instant and quite firm erection…and a massive headache! 

The 3 hour wake up calls for blood work and vital signs made for a long night. If the people barging in and turning every light in the room on weren’t enough, the Star Trek communicator with about 50 leads (7) attached to my chest sending telemetry to the Enterprise…aka the main hospital monitoring station…kept finding its way into my rib cage as I tried to sleep on my side! 

Early this morning the testing started. Being shot up with something that comes in a lead tube for my nuclear medicine test was the first test. Richie, the hottest damn tech in this hospital, didn’t catch my sarcasm when I asked what MY half life would be once he finished the injection but we clicked after that. 

When I say hot…I mean HOT! Six feet tall and muscular. Dirty brown short cropped hair sat atop and square jawed dimpled cheek face. Of course I noticed the wedding band but hey I’m married too so a guy can look, right? Then below the waistline truly was a view. His nicely rounded bubble butt filled out the back of his scrubs and I am sure he caught me staring at the bulge prominently presenting itself from his crotch. He never said anything nor did I but when he helped me up off of the exam table he did run his hand from the base of my spine up to my shoulders. Nice.

After the treadmill stress test I had another nuclear scan then yet another hot young stud took me back to my room.  I didn’t get his name but he was hot!

So, the attending came in shortly after getting back in my room and said the cardiologist wants to do an echo cardiogram due to some abnormality in the first test. This time I was wheeled down by a beautiful 20 something lady! The hospital staff really must be intent on testing my heart both in and out of the labs!

During the ultrasound, the tech called the cardiologist who looked at a few images and said he would come talk to me back in my room. Ruh Roh Shaggy…

The doctor’s have yet to officially say I had a heart attack because my cardiac enzymes are low. However, since there were some abnormal views on both the nuclear test and ultrasound…and…my LDL cholesterol is elevated the cardiologist strongly recommended a cardiac catheter tomorrow. The one thing the cardiologist did say, I don’t have a visible blockage and there does not appear to be any damage to the muscle! YES!!!

So, I am in the hospital another night and will be transported to the Enterprise (main hospital where the catch labs are located) tomorrow for the procedure. If they find a “narrowing” as the cardiologist called it they will put in a stint and I get another night in the hospital under supervision. If there are major blockages that didn’t show up today they finish the cath procedure and we discuss next steps.

MrsL is my ROCK. We make a great team! 

More updates as I get them.

4 thoughts on “Update # 1

  1. Praying it all turns put best case scenario and you’re not too uncomfortable. Not everything can be hanger-clamps on the nipples in a darkened closet, more’s the pity. Get well soon!

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