Glad to be home

Well the trip home was ever bit as frustrating and stressful as I thought it would be…and then some. I am so glad to be back home. The only thing that kept me from absolutely losing my mind was MrsL’s constant and ever so discreet teasing me with her plans for me on NYE. Oh and those were delayed…stay tuned for that story! Needless to say I am horny and unlocked for her teasing pleasure!

Learning that 26 and his girlfriend (I can’t remember if I have given her a name but will do so soon) are expecting set the tone for the week. Knowing that he had not told anyone else if the family put undue stress on MrsL, 21 (yes he had a birthday last week), and me. Especially since we were going to the in laws first. I have a great relationship with my in laws but hate keeping things from them. As of last night they still don’t know.

We left Sunday trying to get to the youngest SIL’s house where ther family had gathered. Traffic wasn’t bad but we lost an hour trying to eat dinner. The only restaurants open on our route were all standing room only…crazy! I used points to get a hotel since no one thought we were coming and when MIL called and said they were headed home we opted not to say anything and just go to the hotel. The plan, an elaborate ruse, call the in laws and say we were leaving and then pull in 5 minutes later. It worked like a charm. MrsL was like a little kid on Christmas morning surprising everyone.

Monday and Tuesday were okay with just minor blips. The only real concern was our oldest nephew. He tore his rotator cuff during the season and kept playing. He had a great senior year, finishing 2nd in the state for tackles, but since his parents don’t believe in spending money and didn’t get any recruiting assistance he did not receive any offers to play anywhere. As a matter of fact, my SIL was doing all of his communicating with coaches via email…and they were childish! Anyway, he had surgery the Wednesday before Christmas. My idiot SIL, knowing how 26’s issues started with pain pills after a sports injury, were keeping him drugged beyond belief. Not only were they not asking if he needed a pain pill…they were waking him up every 4 hours to ensure he took one.  I guess “as needed” means nothing to them.  He was so drugged up the couple of hours we saw him all I could see was 26 sitting in our recliner falling asleep every time I looked at him.  They just joked about “how tired” he was from the surgery.  Tired is not pinned pupils and not able to stay awake.

Oh, but it gets better!  Apparently my nephew asked his Dad if he thought it was okay to go for a run…not his doctor…not his physical therapist…his Dad.  He is a blockhead and said yes!  Of course that resulted in more pain pills.  Well, enough of that.  The remainder of the time with the in-laws was awesome.  We gave my 80 year old FIL an iPhone for Christmas and he is loving it.  His grandkids are excellent teachers!   MrsL uses FaceTime with him daily!

Now to the end of the week…at my Dad’s house!

I dreaded it for weeks.  Not because I didn’t want to see my Dad…no!  I can’t stand his wife!  That feeling manifested itself as soon as we walked in the door because within minutes she was “did you know your Daddy…..this…and that….and your brother did this…and that….” In the interest of my Dad’s sanity I internalize all of it and try to brush it off as much as possible.  She can’t talk to me or MrsL without taking shots at my Dad’s eating habits, his perceived memory lapses (which I didn’t see in the 2.5 days we were there), etc.  And of course, the house I grew up in does not feel like home anymore.  I am surrounded by pictures of HER son, grandson, and great grandkids.  The only pictures of my childhood and my family have all been relegated to the far end of a hallway that she doesn’t have to walk by ever!  Case in point, the family picture of MrsL, 26, 21, and me from 26’s graduation we took them was promptly scurried off to their bedroom and not put in the family room.  Infuriating!!  When I go visit again…if that picture is not out in the family room I am afraid I won’t be able to be quiet any longer.

Then my sister and brother!  I love them both but simply hate who they have become.  That is what addiction does to a person.  My brother recently spent 30 days in the county jail for a probation violation which, on the surface, appears to have taught him something…I hope.  He says he has found a job at a local lumber yard producing hard wood flooring and told my Aunt he is ready to get his life back.  Even though I swore I would not become an enabler for anyone again, when my brother called Dad’s house and asked to speak to me I heard desperation in his voice.  I paid for one week at the local “motel” right near his new work and told him not to even think about asking again.  His new girlfriend, herself on probation, tersely said thank you when I knocked on the door and handed him the receipt.  He told my sister he wants to get away from her but apparently she has a Fatal Attraction complex and he is having difficulty breaking away.  I hope he figures it out.

My sister, well, she is still on “prescribed” pain pills.  Hopefully, her 2nd DUI and court ordered rehab is working.  However, she finally got her state disability approved and get a hefty little paycheck in back pay….and…promptly blew through it and has nothing to show for it.  She was going to get a set of false teeth (prolonged drug use has destroyed her teeth) but no…that didn’t happen.  Now she is begging my Dad to pay for her false teeth and to his credit he is holding firm and telling her no.

Maybe…just maybe…they both will be able to get their lives back in 2017?  Time will tell.

When we left Friday, after 2.5 days, I was so relieved.  Is that sad?  Probably.  However, I have talked to him, if only for a few minutes, every day and plan on keeping in touch in that manner this year.  He doesn’t have internet and there is absolutely no cell phone service where he lives.  I was going to get him an iPad if he still had internet but he canceled it last year after an electrical storm fried his wife’s computer and refuses to get it again.  On a fixed income that is one less thing he has to budget for so a daily or every other day phone call will suffice.

This has gotten long so I will sign off for now.  Stay tuned for an update on the kinky side of things here.

2 thoughts on “Glad to be home

  1. Someday I’d love to understand why some parents and some adult children can never quite understand each other. It would help me a lot, just knowing the answer to that little question. Since my mom died, I can’t even go back there to him and his new wife. I just washed my hands of everything. You’re a good son to even attempt it!

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