My Boys

I have to write about my boys every now and again. Both have made me very proud of late! 26 and his roommate got moved in over the last weekend. MrsL and I went down on Sunday to help out a bit, at his request. It was good seeing him and recognize his quick & … More My Boys

My Body Rebels

So, after 12 straight days of the Steelheart and EvotionWearables cages (18 out of the last 21) my body rebelled yesterday. To be fair, there had been a hell of a lot of teasing and CBT over the weekend that might have contributed as well (safe CBT as MrsL doesn’t like being too rough). In … More My Body Rebels

People Watching

Being back out on the road allows me to indulge in one of my all time favorite hobbies: people watching. Now don’t get me wrong, my motives are purely personal. I like to practice describing what I see in my private journal to practice my writing skills. And…yeah…it is also to make the time go … More People Watching

New Toy…New Fun

Last week MrsL lamented the fact that the only way she had to effectively restrain me was our trusted under the bed steps. Of course that was my cue to find other ways for her to have fun with me. Sunday afternoon she had to work so I visited our local Adam & Eve store.  … More New Toy…New Fun

Safe & Secure Travel

I’m glad to be back out on the road. I was really getting stir crazy between 2.5 weeks of vacation then a week of medical issues. However, the one notable difference… Travel chastity! The EvotionWearables cage is comfortable and fitted fantastically. The final tweak, which took nearly 2 months due to a minor flaw in … More Safe & Secure Travel

Growing Up

I feel like this blog had turned in to more of a place for me to talk about my muggle life more so than MrsL and my kinky life. But…it is therapeutic! After the rather traumatic weekend for 26 and his girlfriend…they woke up to a notice on their door of “lease termination” for repeated … More Growing Up