A Christmas never to forget 

26 and his girlfriend came over last night after he got off work…well…we went to pick them up because neither of them have a license or a car. This morning he came out of the first bedroom (he has yet to go into his bedroom since the overdose) and said he hadn’t slept all night because it was Christmas.

We included presents for his girlfriend because we do like her more and more each time we get together…which will be much more frequently in the future. 

After all of the presents were opened and we were making breakfast MrsL went upstairs to find her Pandora bracelet to add her new charms and moments later 26 trotted off after her. I could tell he was very pensive so I gave them a few minutes and followed after them. I stuck my head in the door and said “breakfast is getting cold” and headed back down the stairs when I heard MrsL call for me. As I went back in our room I could see them both crying and smiling. Remember, the girlfriend is still married…separated…but married. 

As I walked in the room, through tear stained cheeks, a cracked voice said: “You’re going to be a Grandpa.” He collapsed into my arms whispering how scared he was. We hugged for minutes and I pulled his head up to look him eye to eye and told him how happy I was. I am scared for them but happy. 

Memorable! I will write more later!

7 thoughts on “A Christmas never to forget 

    1. It is amazing how being told I’m going to be a grandparent has changed my mood. Sure, I’m not happy about the situation with his girlfriend but they seem to be happy so why shouldn’t I? He is scared beyond belief which makes me a little panicky. However, he is doing his best to find full time employment with benefits for his baby.

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