Feeling better…

Last night’s return home to my own bed and the wonderful MrsL was invigoratingly awesome. I left her Monday morning after being diagnosed with a UTI and a kidney infection. Of course, the antibiotics for the infections caused her to develop a yeast infection so she was just not feeling sexy, erotic, or horny before I left. 

The 4 days away most certainly made her feel all of the aforementioned feelings!

Even with her parents here for 26’s graduation tomorrow, when I walked in the door I was greeted with a long hot kiss…complete with her reaching to grab, squeeze, and to my surprise swat my ass. Her Mom just laughed! The two of them had been decorating our tree so I went up to get out of my business attire and get comfortable to help. Around midnight, MrsL woke me up with a gentle kiss on the forehead and sent me off to bed. Needless to say I had not been much help decorating.

As I was getting undressed for bed, yes I sleep completely naked as does she…the only way to sleep…I got a text message: 

“Be up soon. Wait for me in time out!😈”  

For those of you new to this blog “time out”for me is being completely naked then attaching a clamping clothes hanger to my nipples and then hanging in the closet. The height of our closet rack forces me on my toes so the hanger grips and tugs pretty viciously on my nipples. Time outs are usually reserved for minor offenses and are, well, timed between 15 to 20 minutes.  The best part, after the first two or three times MrsL stopped putting me there herself…she makes me in essence, punish myself. The nuance is she randomly checks to see if I am indeed hanging. I can’t and don’t use my hands to help alleviate any of the discomfort. I never know when she will walk in.  

Being sent to time out with no timer had me completely puzzled but horny…I mean her parents are here!  I am truly a masochist! 

Obviously, I glanced at the alarm clock by the bed before I hung myself in time out. MrsL’s definition of “soon” was 35 minutes. I was more than just a bit sore both nipples and calves. As we snuggled in bed I began caressing her breast and quietly asked why I had been sent to time out. Her reply sent chills down my spine and caused an immediate erection: 

Do I need a reason? I wanted you to be in time out.

Holy mother of all things ertotic!!!

Then she took control.  

While stroking her fully engorged penis: 

You are going to lay there and pretend like you are tied to the bed while I play. The only limb you can move is a leg of my choosing. Now put your arms out and don’t move. You will see why I wanted you in time out soon. Oh, in case you are even remotely considering it…you ARE NOT allowed to cum.

I did as instructed with my my arms while MrsL straddled my body. Initially, she trapped the stiff penis between my body and her warm wet pussy. Her hands found my sore nipples as she settled into a gentle back and forth sliding rhythm. The closer she came to her own orgasm the harder she pinched my nipples. I struggled mightily to not reach up and wrap my arms around her…it was so tempting but my desire to please her overpowered any thoughts of disobeying her wishes.  

I had to tell her a few times I was close. When that happened, MrsL would slide her hands out to the side, lean down, and raise her hips so the only part of her touching me was her luscious fully engogred lips. She would nibble and kiss me until she thought things had calmed down. 

After taking me to the edge several times she told me to bring my left leg up to an angle. She slid back on to my thigh. Again her hands found my now extremely sore nipples as she found the right angle and pressure to pleasure herself. 

We’ve been trying to find the right dynamics and mindset for her to bring herself to a full orgasm without my tongue. Last night…she found both! 

I could sense from her breathing and intensity of her grip on my nipples she was close to having an orgasm…as was I! I knew I COULD not cum and didn’t want to interrupt her pleasure. I don’t know where the control came from for me but it was there. I fought off an orgasm as she erupted in the sexiest full throated moan as an orgasm pulsed through her body. I felt her pussy pulsing against my leg.  Thankfully, my in-laws use a sleep machine creating white noise and my FIL is “deaf” without his hearing aids so I am sure they didn’t hear a thing. 

While she was still breathing heavy she grabbed a handful of hair. In one motion she rolled to the side of the bed pulling me to the floor and forced my mouth to her crotch. 

MrsL has struggled achieving more than a couple of orgasms at a time for a few weeks. I’m not a doctor but maybe it had something to do with her being sick. Last night was so much different!

After her first ever self made orgasm grinding on my leg, she had three more orgasms simply from me sucking, licking, and  nibbling on her pussy and clit. At some point she uttered “hands” between orgasms and I knew she was giving me permission to add my hands to the fun. Reaching up to caress the underside of her breast I sucked her clit in my mouth and gently flicked it between my teeth. She jolted and her body shook with yet another massive orgasm covering my face in her female juices. 

Again taking a handful of hair, she pulled my mouth in tight against her pussy and began thrusting against my face. She raced through three more orgasms in this manner before collapsing on the bed. 

I was drunk on her sexual energy!

After laying my head on her stomach for a few minutes so we could both gather ourselves, we snuggled up together in bed. I thanked her over and over again for that experience as well as denying me an orgasm! 

That was so awesome. It was all MY pleasure. 

Again that answer made me so damn proud and horny! We fell asleep wrapped around each other, Her balls firmly held in one of her hands. My absolute HAPPY place!

I am glad she is feeling better!!

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