The Ragged Edge

Being willing to give up control of my sexual gratification to my wonderful MrsL as well as being disciplined enough to not masturbate when she leaves me out of the Steelheart for extended periods of time is rewarding…in an unusual way.  I mean, if all things were equal I would prefer to have my time in chastity look a lot like Thumper’s.  Alas, with travel and not having a truly awesome TSA safe device coupled with my own overzealous stupidity of abusing the PA piercing I have had more time unlocked this year than locked.  But, there are certainly benefits!

This past Friday morning, after taking the 5:15 am flight to get home, I stripped and crawled in bed beside MrsL.  Just being naked beside her was comforting and energizing.  Even though it was an hour before she normally wants to be woken up, she had texted me before going to bed giving me specific instructions to wake her as soon as I got home…so I did.  Soft slow gentle strokes up and down her side had her purring in no time.  Warm gentle kisses in the small of her back as a finger traced around the luscious curve formed where her ass meets her thigh always makes her moan…loudly…and gets me charged up.  Her wake up call lasted nearly an hour with 4 orgasms…all more intense than the previous.  It is so rewarding to let her completely relax after each orgasm then slowly build her back to a second then a third….and so on.  Afterwards, she had me stand beside the bed and alternately chewed on a nipple while stroking Her penis and/or massaging Her balls.  She takes great pleasure in stopping all contact at just that right moment leaving Her penis twitching and just glaring deep into my soul DARING me to lose control and cum without her permission.  It is powerful!

I was a horny leaking unable to focus unlocked husband all day.

By 8 p.m. Friday night, I was basically a walking zombie.  I had been up for nearly 20 hours and could barely keep my eyes open so MrsL sent me off to bed around 9.  I slept hard and fast until my wonderful Wife crawled in to bed and on top of me!  As I woke up, I glanced at the clock beside the bed…it was 12:45 a.m.

As she began gently dragging a finger over my freshly shaved pubic region…sending my body into blissful shudders…I hope you don’t mind but I want to play with my cock and balls for awhile.

Well hell!  Who am I to say no to MrsL.

It has been months since MrsL gave me oral sex. As of late, she has really enjoyed having Her penis inside Her…as have I…but there is something special about an awesome blow job.

Nibbling, licking, sucking, and stroking in varying tempos and pressures, MrsL would walk my body right up to the ragged edge of an orgasm the change techniques all the while never letting Her penis ever get soft.  I can’t recall ever being that hard for that long!

After taking out the PA jewelry she took things up a notch using both hands and her mouth.

Lifting up the balls she would lick from the base of the balls over one then start again and lick the other one finally licking all the way up the shaft…letting her tongue playfully flick the now exposed empty piercing.  Making sure Her penis was plenty slick she then sucked not one but both balls in her mouth letting her tongue swirl around them and would throw in the occasional bite on one of them.  She took one thumb and with barely just enough pressure for me to feel kept circling it around the bottom of the head right on the piercing.  Her other hand gripped Her penis and that thumb began sliding up and down the shaft.  Any time my breathing gave me away she would pop Her balls out of her mouth wait for my breathing to normalize then repeat the entire process.  WOW!

I read an article earlier this year, and thought I linked to it on my blog, about male orgasms without ejaculation.  The basic premise was a guy could have that endorphin rush of an orgasm yet never ejaculate.  I shared that with MrsL and ever since then she has enjoyed pushing me to that point.  Well, she did a damn awesome job of that with this little combination of tongue, teeth, mouth, and hands.  All the while, I never had to tell her I was close because she was reading my body and my breathing.

I lost count of how many times my body shuddered and I truly felt like I was having what I thought was a full blown orgasm complete with spurting cum everywhere.  There was never an ejaculation!  When she finally pushed her two hands and mouth play to where I screamed CLOSE the true tease and denial aspect showed up.

No sooner had the word close escaped through my lips, MrsL rolled over grabbed the duvet and covered up completely.  I was, and still am, extremely fired up and HORNY!  I tried kissing her back.  I tried nibbling on her ears.  I BEGGED to let me make her scream with orgasms.  Each attempt was met with a terse:  No, go to sleep.

Needless to say, I had a difficult time going to sleep.  I stayed curled up to her caressing her body for several minutes before she told me that if I didn’t stop trying I would be sent to the garage for a spanking I would not soon forget.  Damn, now I was even more horny!

I rolled over and found the barbell for my PA.  It slid right in with all of the precum leaking out.  I glanced at the clock again and was both proud and amazed.  It was 2:15 a.m.  MrsL had teased and edged me for over an hour!  I finally drifted off to sleep…what a night.

The teasing continued yesterday.  Such an AWESOME Wife.  I am a lucky man!

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