Off limits

Usually, the phrase off limits applies to MrsL. Today it applies to me!

MrsL came to bed early this morning after sitting up and talking with 26 and his girlfriend most of the night and was very horny! Since I was unlocked I knew there would be some fun things happening…and sure enough…MrsL let a hand find its way to my rapidly growing hard on! 

At first she was simply caressing, fondling, and squeezing my balls…which was incredible! When she moved her arm ever so slightly her forearm end up almost directly in top of the PA piercing. I guess I didn’t realize just how “irritated” the PA had gotten the last two days in the Steelheart!

I jolted nearly straight up in bed which startled her causing an audible gasp that caused 26 to knock on our door and ask if everything was okay. Can you say embarrassing? After settling back down, MrsL had me on all fours and just caressed and tickled my entire body. When my body is receptive, the back of my neck and hair are wierdly erotic and they were at that moment. Stroking my neck with one hand while she runs fingers through my hair with the other hand sends my body into uncontrollable spasms…making the semi soft cock rocket back to rigid. 

I know I should have listened to my body but when she told me to take out the jewelry so she could have me inside her I didn’t think twice. There was not even a twinge of discomfort when I slid the ring out of the piercing. There was some mild discomfort when, after inserting a coule of fingers inside her to finish up getting her juices flowing, I slid the now stiff cock inside her. It was pure joy.  Desire does crazy things to ones decision making ability and we made love for a long (if you consider 6 minutes long) time. The mild discomfort from the irritation had me almost instantly on the edge of an orgasm. I did not want to have an orgasm so I kept chanting no, no, no to myself softly. MrsL was squeezing my nipples and thrusting her warm wet pussy up on the rigid cock all the while purring and moaning. She didn’t give me any options…she took over! With a simple: why not yes, yes, yes,  she began thrusting herself up and as deep as I think I have ever been inside her.  She  began firing her vaginal wall muscles gripping and releasing my cock while rhythmically and slowly grinding. The point counterpoint of hr squeezing with the thrusting was mind blowing. While this was going on, her grip on my nipples became more intense. It didn’t take more than a handful of those glorious thrust before…

Simultaneously, my toes curled and my spine tingled. The orgasm ripped through my groin and was at the same time the most pleasurable and painful thing I have ever experienced.  I had to bury my face to the side of her head in her pillow to keep from howling in the blended wash of those two feelings. I collapsed on top of her and she instantly knew something was not right. After explaining about the irritation she was a bit upset that I didn’t stop her…she doesn’t mind hurting me…if she knows she is doing so. She even let me off with not having to clean up after myself!

There was no bleeding and I’m sure it will heal just fine. However, PA piercings are finicky little beast and should be treated as such. 

I am now officially off limits. Oh she is still teasing me but she is not touching her cock or balls for a week to ensure the irritation is gone! 

24 thoughts on “Off limits

      1. It felt wrong to like that comment but take care of yourself!! This morning I was thinking of appropriate punishments for men who don’t take care of themselves, I bet Mrs could give me a run for my money in that arena this week😠

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      2. Sorry, I missed this! Hmm, off the top of my head, you’ve ruined my favorite punishment which includes having my boy handcuffed, standing naked with arms above his head, spreader bar at his ankles, blindfold or hood and two things, my hand and a beautiful leather tawse.

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      3. Oh hell yeah. When I feel that sense of sub space coming at the hands of MrsL…it is magical. Yes, there is discomfort and pain and she sometimes pulls me back to reality. However losing myself and being vulnerable is so overwhelmingly erotic for me!

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