7 1/2 days

After nearly two and a half months of no chastity device I was finally ordered back in the Steelheart last Thursday. It was truly blissful to be locked up by MrsL when I got home that morning after being teased and denied. 

The past week flew by with the exception of those pesky 3 am attempted erections. I was surprised that the first 3 nights the erections were not too bad and really only caused me to readjust a bit. However, beginning Tuesday night through last night you would have thought I had never worn a chastity device. Last night, I had to actually get up for a cold wash cloth to calm things down. 

There might be a good reason as MrsL gave me plenty to be thankful for all day yesterday. After climbing back in bed with her after walking the neighbor’s dog, MrsL flipped the morning routine on me and had me experiencing full body orgasms without ejaculation…yes…it is possible!

Pinning me to the bed with with her leg she kissed my entire neck and chest area all the while caressing, and commenting about, her swollen trapped balls. Without warning, her incisors were punishing the closest nipple and her ball caressing became fingernail scratches. Damn!

I would have never believed my body could and would have the same physical and psychological reaction to such stimuli. But I swear I had 4 or 5 full body orgasms while she was chewing on my nipple and alternating between soft swirling motions under the base of my balls with firm scratching. My toes curled. I shook head to toe then completely collapsed. At some point she rolled on to her back and had me on all fours scratching my ribs and side. Again, more full body ecstasy followed by me physically collapsing on top of her. 

I began begging to give her an or orgasm and at first she said: No I am having way too much fun and I want you to enjoy this. How awesome is that! At some point, after begging and pleading to give her an orgasm, she just stopped and laughed. I guess I completely did not hear: How can I deny your desire?  She actually forgot 20 was at home when her body pulsed with pleasure! It was so damn erotic. I was leaking horribly and was rewarded with cleaning my precum off of her feet. 

The remainder of the day gave me so many reasons to be thankful as she kept me horny all day. The Steelheart was full all day…even after the in-laws arrived. 

Silly me left the big 4 ga PA curved barbell in the piercing and didn’t feed it through the end of the Steelheart. The raging trapped erections pushed the jewelry back directly in to the soft meaty head and caused quite a bit of irritation. When MrsL touched the end of the tube this morning, wiggling a fingernail on the top of the barbell, I jerked away. She got her key and let me out. Just a little swelling and discomfort. 

Since I leave in three days she is leaving me unlocked. So 7 1/2 days was all I could manage this time. Next time, I will switch back to the 6 ga PA jewelry so I don’t have this issue. 

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