Wife Led Marriage…

I absolutely love being MrsL’s chastised husband. The dynamic works well for both of us now relative to our sex life. I have opined about my desire to move to a full on Wive Led Marriage many times but it is days like today that make me know I would truly have a tough time adapting to such a lifestyle.

MrsL is very much ADD and a bit OCD about certain things. She is also a notoriously horrible procrastinator. These three issues always converge into a perfect storm leading up to a visit by her parents…just like today. I am actually glad I have to come over to the neighbor’s house to take care of their dog.  Don’t worry this is an annual spat. I can’t even call it a fight because we usually agree to disagree and go clean different parts of the house.

This morning, after her wake up call and orgasm…this one today and it got an A+…I had about 4 hours of work to get done. MrsL said she was going down to start cleaning. This was at 9:30. In my trips downstairs to get coffee I found her sitting on the couch playing games on her phone. A gentle chiding from me was met with: I am getting up after this game. Not so much!

Finally at 12:30 she came up to see if 20 was still asleep (he got home safe last night having to drive through one of the corridors of forest fires). She went in to wake him up and the two of them went downstairs where I found them sitting and talking. Now, that was okay with me. Mom & son having quality time and NEITHER one of them had a phone in hand!

After 20 left for his hair cut at 2:45 MrsL came back upstairs and said she was going to begin cleaning IN OUR BEDROOM AND BATHROOM! Really…no one will be in there except us and that’s where she wanted to start. I don’t know why I was surprised, AGAIN, she always starts there. My mind has never grasped the importance of starting here and we always have the same discussion. It always begins with me gently inquiring why this room and it ends up with awkward silence as I go vacuum and mop floors downstairs. 

To make matters worse she takes her laptop with her and spends another half hour distracted by email and Netflix. 

After finishing the floors I went over to let the dog out and was gone about half an hour. I walked in to here movement in the boys bathroom. I was excited…but wait…she wasn’t cleaning! No, she was putting drawer liners in the vanity drawers.

Me: What are you doing?

MrsL: I am putting these liners in the drawers. I’ve had the liner stuff for nearly 6 months and thought I would put it in now.

Me: *smh* Ok

I have a great relationship with my in-laws and enjoy having them to the house.  It is just MrsL goes crazy for the 12-24 hours before they arrive. She will probably stay up until 2 or 3 am trying to make the house spotless. 

So, I say all of this to get back to the title of this post: my BRAT comes out every time she gets in one of these ADD/OCD meets the procrastinator frenzies. I become mouthy and a bit defiant. 

Oh, she could quickly remedy my bad attitude by making reference to her Steelheart. That is one bridge she hasn’t crossed yet. But this is how we have survived 27 years of marriage: we know when the other one needs space and we give it. 

We made dinner together and it was as if nothing had happened! Our life is just almost perfect but no WLM for me, right now please!

2 thoughts on “Wife Led Marriage…

  1. I can totally relate to this as well! I absolutely love letting my wife keep control of everything in (or leading to) the bedroom, but outside of that there are frankly too many things around the house that would simply NEVER get done if I held back and waited for her to either do it or ask me to do it. She would much rather sit and catch up on seasons worth of any random show than stay on top of things like that. But that’s ok, I love her anyway and it just goes to show that we still BOTH have to stay in charge of various things!

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