Good Morning Challenge

As usual, when I am at home, MrsL gets the benefit of a personal wake up call from yours truly.  She typically wants her “alarm” to go off between 8 and 8:30 and since we both work from home it is easy to accommodate.  Unlike most mornings, this wake up call was just a bit different.

As chronicled so many times, MrsL’s wake up call consistent of a gentle massage of her back followed by caressing & nibbling on her breast, especially her nipples, and ultimately between one and a half dozen orgasms for her.  It is such a great way to start the day for both of us.  She gets to feel sexually awesome and I get the benefit of her sexual energy coursing through me the remainder of the day!  As of late, whether morning, noon, or night, MrsL has been VERY vocal and active in achieving said orgasms:  wrapping her thighs around my head and squeezing as she climaxes is the best one!  However; this morning I could sense she had something planned.  How did I know…?  She rolled over the opposite way on to her stomach and put her arms by her sides when I started to move to her breast.

My bad boy brain kind of kicked in, I scored high on the “brat” category of the BDSM quiz, and I became a bit more insistent.  Now for those of you who will read this as her not being in control…don’t fret.  If she didn’t want to allow me access to her body she would have crawled out of bed and told me to go to work.  That, did not happen.

After expanding her back massage down the inside of her thighs she began purring ever so slightly and barely opened her legs…my signal to move a little closer.  As I let a finger gently slide up and down her labia her purring and moaning increased and she rolled to one side giving me access to her wonderful breasts ultimately rolling completely over.  As I moved my mouth toward the closest oh so tantalizing close nipple she coiled a hand inside the leather cord around my neck and held me playfully centimeters away from tongue making contact and laughed.

As she continued to toy with me: letting my tongue touch a nipple then pulling me away or pulling me up to at first suck on the bite my lower lip I was getting more and more horny and desperate for HER orgasms.  At one crucial point as she was allowing me to nibble on one of her ears, all the while keeping a firm grip on my leather cord, I whispered “I want you!”

With her cute little laugh as she pulled me up to be looking at her face to face:

I don’t think you want me bad enough and besides I haven’t REALLY said NO to you in a long time.  Just keep doing what you are doing (insert evil snicker here) and you might just convince me to let you give me MY orgasms.  Oh, your Steelheart is not coming off until you travel again AND you are not having an orgasm for a LONG, LONG, LONG time.

At that point, MrsL’s Steelheart was throttling an attempted erection trying to divert my attention to myself…which only made me focus on pleasing her more.  For the next few minutes she continued toying and teasing me never really letting me stay on any one place of her body for more than a few seconds.  I was not allowed to do more than lick a nipple before I was pulled away.  I was a leaky frustrated grunting animal at this point!  So, I asked:  “what do I have to do to before I can give you orgasms?”

Well, since you asked…I’m going to lay here completely relaxed and dare you to give me an orgasm.  I am not going to help you at all…you are going to have to do ALL of the work…hand me your phone.

With a puzzled look, I grabbed my phone and handed it to her.  She, of course she knows my password, unlocked it and swiped a few times, then turned around to show me a timer.

You have exactly 10 minutes to make me cum.  Remember you get no help from me…I’m not even going to breathe hard.

Normally, I love to build her up over about a 25-30 minute period: starting at her toes, kissing and nibbling underneath her knees then up her thighs, before ever letting my tongue touch her clit.  Not today!

Like a caged animal whose door just sprung open I made a body kissing beeline down her body directly to her wonderfully wet and tasty pussy.  True to her word, she didn’t move, grind, flex, wrap her legs around my head, or utter a sound!  However,  just as the alarm went off indicating my ten minutes were up she arched up into me with the strongest orgasm she has had in months!  She actually had one of those ever elusive “wet” orgasms producing the most delicious, intoxicating, and addictive nectar I’ve ever had!

After lapping up her wonderful juices I went back in to attempt giving her a second orgasm and was immediately rebuffed by a foot in my chest pushing me over on my back.  She sat up and with one foot on my chest gently holding me in place; MrsL took her other foot and ran it under and over my Steelheart getting all of my juices all over her foot.  She smiled at me as she placed that pre cum covered foot at my mouth and simply said:

Enjoy your treat; however, my treat was only a B+.  You will have to try harder next time. 

Talk about STROKING my ego.  I was both proud and challenged at the same time…but I thoroughly enjoyed it!

I can only hope she continues coming up with these new and creative challenges.

Oh, several weeks ago I mentioned feeling a little dominant.  This morning after she gave me the rules of the challenge I mentioned tying her to the bed to ensure she didn’t help me.  Her response was priceless:

They are your ten minutes do what you want. 

Of course, I didn’t take any of those ten minutes to go dig out the cuffs and tie her down…but…she keeps reminding me I told her I was going to tie her up sometime with:  I’m still waiting.  Stay tuned!

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