Damn, I am lucky 

Our house is empty except for MrsL and me. No travel this week and the boss is off today!

The weather is finally cold enough to turn on the heat (must go buy humidifiers).

This morning, after her normal multiple orgasm wake up, MrsL asked me why I had clothes on! I had to go take care of the neighbor’s dog and was still in sweats. 

CFNM all day today!  

MrsL is walking around in her cotton pj top and panties only. Her ass is so perfect! The iPhone 🍑 could have modeled from her ass!

I just went down to get my second cup of coffee and MrsL walks over and begins gently rubbing Her balls, then the freshly shaved area above the Steelheart (extra sensitive after a shave), then finally my ass! I was having to hold myself up on the island to keep from collapsing to the floor! 

Suddenly; 4 hard smacks…2 per cheek…shook me back to reality!

Me: (in my best bratty voice) what was the spanking for?

MrsL: Do I need a reason?  Walks away looking over her shoulder with her 😈!

Me: not at all!

Have a doctor’s appointment later so will be out of the Steelheart for a couple of hours. She has hinted she is going with me to make sure I “behave”!

Damn, I am one lucky chaste husband!!😀

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