Now I Remember 

The past 3.5 days have been sexually frustrating bliss with this morning being the best.

I’ve already chronicled the morning MrsL ordered me back in her Steelheart. Friday morning I woke up early and gave her an extra hour of sleep before gently waking her up with a massage that lead to her putting me between her legs for her normal wake up routine…multiple orgasms. 

All throughout the day, before I went out to get the mail and had that nasty asthma attack, MrsL took full advantage of teasing me. Sexy Snapchat pictures, sultry  voice texts, and running her hands all over my body were just a few of the methods she used to keep me hit and horny. The afternoon was a blur of coughing, inhaler doses, and nothing sexy or kinky at all. I went to bed early and don’t remember her coming to bed. 

I have had the typical 3-4 am attempted erections but they make me remember how much I enjoy being locked up by her.

Yesterday morning, MrsL had to be up early to go to a vendor/sales event and made her body off limits to me after I woke her up. No kissing, cuddling, or giving her oral pleasure. Laying in bed watching her get dressed, knowing I was watching, led to a massively uncomfortable attempted erection. I mean who wouldn’t get hard watching his wife bend over then slowly and seductively slide her undies up over her curvaceous ass. An ass I might add that could have been the model for the iPhone peach emoji! I got up as she was ready to walk out the door and kissed her on the back of her neck. I got an nice gentle squeeze of the balls and her sultry laugh: Now I remember how much I LOVE having you locked in my Steelheart. I will see you tonight.

Well, we were both exhausted when we got home. So much so that we both fell asleep after dinner, woke up around 9:30, and stumbled off to bed.

This morning I left MrsL in bed while I went to the neighbors house to take care of their dog. When I went back home, after shaving because I am forbidden to get near her body unless I do, I crawled into bed and laid my head just below one breast and began caressing her other breast. I get such wonderful purring and moaning by  caressing her breast! As she woke up, she ordered me up on all fours straddling her body. She ran her fingers around my balls then up and down my body all the while telling me how she had forgotten just how she really did love my reactions to her touch when in her Steelheart. She told me how she was going to tie me to the bed and take off her Steelheart and play with her cock & balls as long as she wanted…but…it wouldn’t happen for a long time. She wanted to know the status of the new base ring from EvotionWearables and I had to tell her 2-3 more weeks…oh well. Finally she told me it was going to be a long long time before I was allowed another orgasm. All of this was said with a beautifully evil smile on her face. When she was ready, she casually asked me what I was waiting on and when I looked at her quizzically she simply pointed down. I eagerly kissed down the length of her body to her feet before alternately kissing up the inside of her thighs. I made her moan, pure, and scream with several oral orgasms. What a morning!

Now I remember the pure joy of chastity!  Making her happy all the while being completely and totally sexually denied! 

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