Locked & Happy

I took the 5:10 flight this morning and couldn’t wait to get home. 

Last night, while sitting at the bar talking to MrsL, she kept telling me how she was glad I was coming home early and to wake her up as soon as I got home. When I joked about waking her up when I got up to go to the airport, she gave me her sexy erotic laugh while informing go ahead if you think that is a good idea, bye.  She hung up on me!!! 

I had to turn around under the bar because the penis very quickly made it presence known through the gym shorts…it didn’t help that I was going commando. 

I sent her a text letting her know she had created a rock hard erection with her laugh, admonition, and hanging up. She replied back “I can’t wait to feel that inside me in the morning” which only made the obvious more obvious. Good thing I had a large cloth napkin and I was sitting at the far end of the bar so I could let things calm down. 

This morning, I got home stripped, removed the PA ring, and crawled in bed beside her. Gentle long strokes up the inside of her thigh had her purring , moaning, and wide awake in minutes. When she reached down and started fondling Her cock (and she claimed it as Hers again at that moment) she smiled: 

I want My cock inside me right now…My cock DOES NOT get to have an orgasm.

All the while she was saying this she was guiding me inside her and wrapping her legs around my waist. She was in charge! She would thrust up impaling her pussy on Her cock, clinch her vaginal muscles, then grind on her g-spot for a few seconds.  I am amazed she did not bring herself to an orgasm…but that is okay.   I never had to tell her I was close…she was tuned in to my breathing and other sounds coming from my throat she knew when to slow down. Of course the breathless don’t you dare cum was reiterated several times. When she was ready and I was on the ragged edge of losing control she placed her hands on my shoulders and pushed me down her body. 

I was so damn horny, even after having a full orgasm Sunday night, and channeled that energy into making her scream with my lips, teeth, and tongue! It was awesome!

Afterwards, while cuddling on the bed she told me she had thought about putting her Steelheart down in the kitchen with a note to put it on before I woke her up, and this is the best part, 

…but I was selfish because I wanted My cock inside me! Now, bring it to me so I can lock away my toy!

My heart raced and we had to resort to a cold washcloth to get it locked in place.  I am one locked up and very happy husband! Teased, Denied, and locked back in steel! I don’t have to travel again for 11 days. 

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