The Trend Continues….

Well, for all of my fellow chaste men out there I hope your release from your LOCKtober experience ended.  MrsL continues to leave me on this extended breakaway from the Steelheart.  She continually drops little hints that my freedom will be coming to an end soon…probably as soon as this investigation in Baltimore ends and I am not coming home on Friday then leaving on Monday.  As of now, I only have two more weeks to travel there.  One can only hope…I can end 2016 with 5 or 6 weeks of straight lockup!!

The other trend continuing is her rather generous gifts of orgasms for me.  Sunday morning was absolutely fantastic.  I know she enjoys teasing, edging, and denying me; however, I think she enjoys my complete and total elation every time she allows me to cum.  Especially when she allows me to cum inside her wonderful pussy!  She really has gotten good at taking me from zero to explosion by wrapping, flexing, and squeezing her vaginal muscles!  Holy Ecstasy, Batman!!!

Sunday was even more powerful because I was trying to avoid having an orgasm…you know…denying myself.  She very quickly figured out what I was doing and took matters in to her own hands, literally.  Wrapping her legs around me and locking them in place she drove me deep inside her and began alternating flexing and relaxing her pussy.  She reached up and latched on to my nipples and began pinching…steadily increasing the pressure.

Lay still and look at me….understand?  I decide when you have an orgasm!

Within minutes and without me moving a muscle I had the most intense orgasm I can remember…even after only 14 days since the last one!  As I said above….Holy Ecstasy!  The smile on her face as she coaxed an orgasm from me was beautiful and evil at the same time.  It has been awhile since she made me clean her and that smile told me all I needed to know.  She grabbed a handful of hair and pulled me away from her forcing me down her body.

Don’t miss any…and don’t stop until I tell you too!  

As I kissed down her body I maneuvered her so I was kneeling beside the bed with her legs over the edge.  I gleefully dove in and lapped at her soaking pussy.   The salty sweet combination of my ejaculate and her feminine juices always makes me horny again.  MrsL knows this and would occasionally take her feet and cup them around my erection for a couple of strokes.  Of course, I got to lick her feet clean as well.  She finally took a foot and pushed me away after a half dozen orgasms.  It was a great morning!

I still crave chastity!

I still crave her control!

After working through my anxiety that she was somehow ready to tone down a bit she rewards me with a couple of hours like this past Sunday.

I am still learning how to be a good submissive husband!

4 thoughts on “The Trend Continues….

      1. Lol, thank you! I like reading and trying to figure out for myself how to walk that line of pleasure/suffering. I don’t think I want to make anyone suffer, but if it makes him happier…..well, you know what I mean.

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