Off limits

Usually, the phrase off limits applies to MrsL. Today it applies to me! MrsL came to bed early this morning after sitting up and talking with 26 and his girlfriend most of the night and was very horny! Since I was unlocked I knew there would be some fun things happening…and sure enough…MrsL let a … More Off limits

7 1/2 days

After nearly two and a half months of no chastity device I was finally ordered back in the Steelheart last Thursday. It was truly blissful to be locked up by MrsL when I got home that morning after being teased and denied.  The past week flew by with the exception of those pesky 3 am … More 7 1/2 days

Damn, I am lucky 

Our house is empty except for MrsL and me. No travel this week and the boss is off today! The weather is finally cold enough to turn on the heat (must go buy humidifiers). This morning, after her normal multiple orgasm wake up, MrsL asked me why I had clothes on! I had to go … More Damn, I am lucky 

Now I Remember 

The past 3.5 days have been sexually frustrating bliss with this morning being the best. I’ve already chronicled the morning MrsL ordered me back in her Steelheart. Friday morning I woke up early and gave her an extra hour of sleep before gently waking her up with a massage that lead to her putting me … More Now I Remember 

Locked & Happy

I took the 5:10 flight this morning and couldn’t wait to get home.  Last night, while sitting at the bar talking to MrsL, she kept telling me how she was glad I was coming home early and to wake her up as soon as I got home. When I joked about waking her up when … More Locked & Happy


Dreams! What do they mean?  I have had the nearly same dream now 4 of the last 7 nights and it has me chasing its meaning, if there really is one. While it is not salacious it is erotic because it involves MrsL showing me off to a select group of family and friends. While … More Dreams