The Ginger Crush

I always enjoy people watching; especially, watching hot guys…discreetly! Last night I got caught and almost acted on my urges.

I got off the elevator after work and entered the hallway to my room. I looked up and saw a very hot ginger walking toward me in work out clothes…complete with a large clearly outlined circumcised (yes it was that obvious) cock. I gazed up and down focusing on the crotch then back up to his eyes and saw him grinning.  I felt like he peered in my soul and knew I wanted to worship his cock. I immediately looked away and sped past him to my room.  

I typically am not a fan of full facial hair and brown eyes but the combination of the ginger hair, the brown eyes, the full ginger beard, huge cock, and damn sexy thick legs had my heart racing. 
I went to dinner with my new hire trainee in tow then as luck would have it ran into Mr. Ginger again after returning to the hotel. We had walked across the street to a burrito place and was only gone about an hour…perfect timing for him to finish his workout. Fortunately, my trainee was is in the other end of the hotel so we split in the lobby. As I rounded the corner to my elevator the doors were closing but there stood Mr. Ginger. He smiled and let the doors close leaving me to think I was just imagining he knew what I was thinking. Boy was I wrong.

After waiting on the elevator to run up and down then climbing on with three other people the doors closed and up we went. As the doors opened, I let the lady who had just checked in off first then followed her. As I stepped off there he was in the foyer for the elevator…he waited for me at the elevator. The lady didn’t notice but I sure as hell did! He had a huge erection burgeoning inside those gym shorts!

I gazed at his crotch and looked up to his eyes. He raised his brows in a quizzical manner and I blushed like a horny teen asking his first date to the movies. My head was spinning but I walked past and hoped he would follow me. He didn’t! However as I got to my room I looked back down the hall…it was just him cock in one hand and a piece of paper with his room number in the other! I gently nodded my head and quickly entered my room. 

I had an immediate erection…and no I didn’t take advantage and masturbate…and sat on the bed for a minute or two. I walked to my door two or three times even had my hand on the handle once ready to open it and go to Mr. Ginger’s room. Finally, knowing I had a hard deadline for a report this morning, I went to my backpack, got out my laptop, and went to work. I also called MrsL to hear her sweet sultry and tired voice. A couple of times I saw someone walk past my door (shadows under the door) even lingering outside the door. I am certain it was Mr. Ginger but he never knocked and I never went to the door. 

I don’t know what I would have done if I had ever opened my door. All I know is I am still physically attracted to men. I don’t know if I will ever have sex with a man…BUT…I will definitely keep looking!

2 thoughts on “The Ginger Crush

  1. This is an interesting facet of male submission I’ve seen elsewhere, that attraction/openness toward another male. A part of me is a little scared of it while the other part wants to orchestrate it for my own pleasure.
    I’m curious what the Mrs reaction to this post is, knowing her position as you’ve stated before.

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    1. Well, she won’t see the post. I keep this little slice of me private. There are some things best left unsaid sometimes. However, I do openly talk with her about hot guys when we are out and have jokingly encouraged her to flirt with the caveat if she finds someone she wants to flirt with she has to bring him home. Deep down, I know she will probably never go down that path.

      We did, early on in this go round with chastity, discuss the concept of cuckolding (she actually brought it up while reading several of the online books I asked her to read). I told her then I would “consider it” and we left it at that!

      Ironically, I have been dreaming about being cuckolded by her lately, a lot! I’m trying to get up the courage to bring it up.


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