Weekend with the In-Laws

Ok, the title is a bit misleading. I truly consider myself fortunate because I have a very good relationship with my MIL and FIL. And, to be perfectly honest they have been a godsend with the financial burden of top level rehab & recovery center for 25. Sure, my MIL and I butted heads early on because I was taking her first born daughter away from her but over the years our relationship has become rock solid. 

My middle SIL; however, is another story altogether. 

My oldest nephew is a senior in high school and a captain on his football team. He is the leading tackler, by over 30 tackles, on the team and is being looked at by some FCS colleges. They live 2 hours away but only 1 hour from 21’s university. Well being empty nesters with nothing better to do on Friday nights we have been going to all of my nephew’s games then either: driving back home the same night if 21 doesn’t have a game on Saturday OR spending the night if there is a Saturday game. It is fun watching him play and great getting him to see his Aunt & Uncle really are family.

Unfortunately, that means putting up with my crazy SIL. Here is a little backstory.  She is one of those obnoxious, over zealous, health nuts! To lose weight many years ago she got into the whole “fat gram” counting routine and has to point out just how many fat grams are in every single thing every person consumes. You can tell her anything about how fat free usually means high in sugar…no…she doesn’t want to hear it! Then she brags about all of the cardio she does…an hour on the elliptical..then.. a half hour of kickboxing…then…and so on. She had lost a lot of weight but has absolutely ZERO muscle and complains that she can get any definition to her body. 

She used to be a great cook. Now…she overlooks everything and makes up for the lack of natural flavor from healthy fats with way too much spice! I know some folks from India who make a killer curry…damn hot and tasty curry…, my SIL just buries everything in crushed red pepper. Breakfast is always a treat! They do have bacon and cook it until it crumples. Sausage is fried but rinsed in hot water to make sure there is not any fat and toast…well don’t get me started! 

Then there is the unfiltered bodily function conversations…whether you want to hear about the last time she “pooped” and what consistency it was…or how the meal she just ate is going to keep her regular…or not.  We all make fun of her but she just laughs it off and keeps right on. Oh, and did I mention she also is very free with if she is on her period and how “heavy her flow is this time” also? It is absolutely ridiculous. She has no filter on top of not giving a damn that her conversations are wholly inappropriate! 

MrsL can take her sister in small doses and usually every weekend culminates in a heated exchange between the two of them. Holidays are brutal. When you add in the MIL…the fireworks are sure to GRAND. This weekend was no exception! We survived but only because my nephew was visiting two different local college football programs Saturday, including 21’s so they were at the game but we didn’t see them until the game started. 

My MIL is a control fiend. My SIL is a control fiend as well. Putting them together is comic gold…if only we could all laugh when it was happening. 

Then my BIL is a “I am the smartest person in the room because I am an engineer” obnoxious sports fan. Watching a football game, any level including Pop Warner, is an exercise in patience because he is going to explain in detail every detail of every play and why the coach should have called something else and why the players aren’t trying…etc! 

With all of this you would think we just wouldn’t go see my nephew’s games?? No, I enjoy supporting my family and the look of surprise each week when he sees us after the game coupled with the sincere thanks he gives us makes it all worth it…not to mention I am already 2 hours closer to 21 for his game!!!

4 thoughts on “Weekend with the In-Laws

  1. I’m not a big fan of family, not my own and definitely not my spouse’s. We live several thousand miles from our respective family members, and for the most part I consider that a blessing.

    I understand wanting to cultivate a relationship with the younger generations though. I think it’s great that you’ve figured out a way to do that with your nephew. 🙂

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