No Locktober…yet

I absolutely love the Wonderful MrsL. 

Even though I miss the friendly confines of her Steelheart being securely locked in place and am still quite conflicted about being unlocked all of this time, MrsL is definitely still in charge. 

I had to be up early today for an early morning conference call and was in bed by 10 pm leaving MrsL in her favorite spot on the love seat. I have her a fantastic foot rub after getting back from our Nar Anon Family Group and then trotted off to bed. 

As usual i woke up as she finally came to bed around 1 am watching her undress in the glow of the streetlight filtered through the trees outside our open window…sultry…DAMN!!!

She got in bed and instantly climbed on top of me sucking my bottom lip in her mouth, gently chewing on it as her hands explored my body: pinching my nipples, applying pressure to my neck, running her fingers through my hair. She said: You’re tired and need sleep but I want to play…so enjoy…

She proceeded to explain what she was going to do right before she did it: licking her cock, sucking it deep in her mouth and swirling her tongue back and forth, lightly stroking then stopping when I attempted to create more friction by thrusting up into her hand, and so on. All the while, she kept reminding me I was not allowed to cum.  She even described, in gloriously vivid detail, how my orgasm was going to build in my groin, travel from my toes through my body, pulse through every hair on my head, then erupt…with a giggle and if I want it to, into my hand. 

This is where I nearly lost control: she then described: and you will lay her as I bring my hand full of your cum to your mouth and lick it clean.  I truly had to constrict every muscle in my body to keep from erupting from just her words!!! Incredibly powerful!

Then…she kissed me followed by: Be safe and come back to me when you are finished tomorrow (forgot to mention this was a video conferences) then rolled over and tried to go to sleep. 

I curled up behind her and my hand, as it always does, landed on a breast. I, as I always do, simply caressed her breast and nipple which had her moaning and rolling back over in no time. I let my mouth find the nipple I had been playing with, gently flicking my tongue up and over it, while my fingers began swirling around her already engorged clit. She arched into my hand and let out a huge sigh as her hand wondered down my body and found, to both of our surprise, a still rigid cock. 

Take out that ring and fuck me! That ladies and gentlemen is a FIRST. She has never used fuck in any of our 27 years together! I was happy to oblige. After removing the PA, I picked her legs up placing one on either shoulder and in one quick hard thrust buried myself inside her pussy! I stayed there as she arched up and fired her vaginal muscles clamping around the shaft. She moaned and writhed under me and through an almost breathless voice: AGAIN

For the next minute…maybe… I was already on the verge of cumming once inside her…I would pull out to the tip then slam back deep inside her. She kept saying, YES or AGAIN or MORE until I was chanting “close…close…close!”  

In the wispy tendrils of light filtering through the trees I saw her smile with this little acknowledgement: ENJOY IT!  One or two hard thrust later I did erupt inside her warm wet pussy. Even though it has only been four days I was surprised at the number of times my body pulsed. It was heaven!

No sooner had I collapsed on top of her did I feel my hair being pulled. 

You better clean me up with no fewer than 3 orgasms! 

My head was held between her legs as I lapped up and buried my tongue inside her to get all of my ejaculate. Her first orgasm was strong and lasted for what seemed like 3 or 4 minutes.  The second and third orgasms rolled through her in rapid succession. We were so in tune with each other at that moment. Pure bliss!

She curled up on the bed as I simply lay my head in the arch of her back still on my knees beside the bed. After finally climbing back in bed, I leaned over to give her a kiss on her neck. As I did I thanked her for the pleasure of a second orgasm in a week then said, “you are spoiling me…”

A simple Yes, and it can and will end at anytime…soon. Goodnight my knight!

Such an awesome Wife and key holder!

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