Feeling a little dominant

So, even with all of the unlocked tease and denial from MrsL I still do not question our new found passion from chastity and orgasm denial/control. It is wonderfully fulfilling for both of us. However….

Laying in bed the other night all I could think about was tying her to the bed and taking complete control away from her…with one little caveat…she lock me in her Steelheart and hide BOTH keys before we start. So what did I do, you ask?

I started caressing her body with long slow light strokes and whispered in her ear: 

I want you to lock me in your Steelheart, hide the keys, then let me tie you to the bed blindfolded with noise canceling headphone playing love songs from Spotify and have my way with you.

At this point she was putting like a content lioness after a kill. I continued by alternately swirling a finger around each nipple:

Legs spread with the spreader bar then cinched down to the bed…arms spread and secured to the top of the bed…

More ooooo’s and aaaaahhhhh’s

The magic wand lodged against your clit on slow while I drizzle hot wax then ice over your nipples….you won’t be able to resist having many many orgasms…just without moving!

She rolled over and pounced on me…teasing me to the brink several times. Then just went to sleep!  I know she enjoyed the thought…at least I think so!

This morning, I went down that path again while we were enjoying our usual Sunday morning playtime. This time with a little more details….I’ll save those for when/if she agrees. All I will say is she smiled with each juicy description of what I wanted to do to her and let me make love to her…complete with a full orgasm buried deep inside her. Oh, she received three for my one…so it was a great morning.

Stay tuned. I am not traveling this week…so maybe. 

I do know this…no LOCTOBER for me…at least not right now!

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